Saturday, June 27, 2009

Behind again

So, I think blogging is sucking away my reading time. Which is semi-okay, I'm off for the summer (except for an easy night job) and I've been reading like a fiend anyways.

I am almost done listening to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (gearing up for the movie!) and I've been cleaning like crazy.

But, while blogging, I've come across Sarah Rees Brennan's livejournal. She's going to be posting some short stories that deal with the world from which The Demon's Lexicon takes place. If you spread the word about these stories, you can win some great stuff.

I haven't read her book yet, but it's on my shelf and I'll probably be starting it up when I finish a few of the books I'm already currently reading. So check out her short stories!


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I haven't read Devil's Lexicon yet but I have heard really good things!

  2. Blogging is definitely sucking on my reading time, but I love it and can't get enough.

  3. Blogging always takes away from my reading time. I must read "The Demon's Lexicon" sometime!


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