Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blogiesta Update 3

Alright, I haven't spent as much time today on my blog as I would've liked.

Probably only clocked about 3 hours more.

And what have I done?

  • Made a blog buddy! (G)Emma Who actually is the reason I started this blog in the first place. I saw her blog when she posted on one of my groups on goodreads and well, I started one and she was my first follower! :) Although, I did just realize my new template matches hers - oh well. I'm not changing it for another month probably.
  • Gravatar and favicon - got both now! :) I made them the same for now, because I couldn't figure out anything else I liked. I may be fickle later about them today or next week and change at least one.
I also finished listening to a book on CD on my errands this morning.. so there'll be a review later on - when I rehydrate (it's stinkin' hot out and I just moved in a new bookshelf) and look into the last few mini-challenges.

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