Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bras & Broomsticks

I have to say, this was a serious guilty pleasure read for me. I felt like I was living through Rachel's freshman year of high school and could not put this down. If ever there was chick-lit for teenagers - this is it. What's funny is that I was far from wanting to be the type of girl that Rachel is in this novel - wanting to be popular and really making that her goal.

So - basic plot - Rachel finds out her younger sister is a witch, and her mom is a witch, but she isn't. Of course, the first thing she does is try to figure out ways that her sister can help her become popular. She's dying to become a part of the A-list, so much so that she even tries to ruin her dad's upcoming marriage (to a woman she thinks is awful) so she can basically go to a dance with a cute guy.

I love how flawed Rachel is at 14 - she's the epitome of a self-centered teenage girl. She thinks mainly of herself, but tries hard at some points to be a "good person". I loved the drama of it all and will probably eat up the rest of the series this summer.

5/5 Roses

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  1. The title intrigued me but after reading what it was a out, I am not sure I would enjoy it as much as you seemed to have. I guess I really get aggrevated with self-centered young people who only care a out being popular.


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