Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hero and the Crown

I really, truly wanted to fall in love with this book... but I just couldn't. I enjoyed the idea of a dragon-slayer daughter of the king, but she felt very much two-dimensional. The basic premise is that she is the daughter of the king and his second wife - a supposed witchwoman who died during childbirth - and she is a bit of an outcast due to this. Aerin does not lash out against people who say nasty things to her and although she has a valiant cousin much in love with her, she fails to notice.

However, she does find a recipe to fend against dragon fire and works to accomplish it. When she does, she suddenly realizes that she can now use her skills and the poultice to slay dragons.

It sounds all nice and interesting, only it takes forever to get to the dragon slaying part, where it does start to speed up. Another love interest is introduced, but is quickly put aside so that she may do her duty to her country and marry the man that loves her (and supposedly she loves him).

So, I patiently read through this book, but was still disappointed at the end. It's not a horrible read and it was entertaining enough, but just really not for me.

3/5 Roses

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  1. It has been many years since I read this book, (16 at least as I red it for my adolescent fiction class during my degree program). I do remembering liking it though. At that point paranormal didn't exist and fantasy was all the rage. I may need to revisit this sometime in the future to see how it stands up now.


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