Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Libraries and Why They ROCK!

Having worked in three different types of libraries, I always think about what is so great about libraries. So, I figured I'd share why different libraries rock for different reasons.
Academic Libraries (Universities, Colleges, etc..)

  • Space - there's a place to research, to take a nap, and to use a computer (for research or fun reasons)
  • Quality - most of their reference librarians are teachers, making them usually easier to approach and you really learn how to use the library from them
  • Media - we're talking databases galore, old microfilm and microfiche, computers and viewing equipment for movies and dvds
  • Books - What's a library without books? You've got some popular materials, but lots of great research and nonfiction material.
School Media Centers
  • Change - with new research and new education, you actually learn how to use a library at a young age. There's now online databases, books on IPods and playaways, and always a small array of computers for the random student to use.
  • Teachers as librarians - they know they're stuff and they love kids.. they're perfect for this type of library
  • Books - kids need to keep reading while growing up, having displays around the library gets them interested.
  • Programs - book clubs, reading programs, and more!
Public Libraries
  • Programs - I absolutely love love love the summer reading program - there's prizes galore. There's a lot more too - computer programs, book programs, and for all ages.
  • Materials - There's books, popular movies, audiobooks, ebooks, and more! I know some that also check out IPod shuffles.
  • Databases - This is where I hit up NoveList when I can't figure out what to read or if I'm trying to remember a title from long ago.
  • FREE! You save so much money by using a public library instead of buying your books, dvds, and audiobooks. See how much you could save HERE.
My basic synopsis - libraries rock, wherever you may be using one - a high school library, public library or college library.


  1. I'm glad you think libraries rock! I think so too, and I better since I work in one! I'm always amazed at the number of people who still don't know all the stuff that libraries offer. We get lots of people who are surprised we have movies, cds and audiobooks!

  2. Yay! This is such an informative post and I hope a lot of non-library goers read it and get excited about using it!
    I agree with the Green Bean Teen Queen--most of my friends also never even think to look at the library for stuff and are amazed when I tell them about all the movies, cd's and of course books I get.

  3. I work the reference desk at a public library and it is nice to see how much you enjoy your library! Great post too!

  4. Oh how I love libraries!! I could live in there. Sadly, I never get to go. They just opened up an awesome one in town and I have yet to see it!! I doubt my 2 year old would enjoy the quietness lol. Great post!! More people need to use the library (like me!).

  5. Even more than libraries I am in love with librarians. One of my closest friends is a school librarian, and some of my favorite bloggers are librarians. Great post.

  6. Hi everyone! I'm asking for some help from co-librarians.

    A while back I read an article that used a new term for “Reluctant Readers.” I can’t remember what it was but it was a more positive term that I would like to embrace and share with our readers. If anyone out there knows of or uses different terminology for the widely used RR please don’t be reluctant to share :) 

    ~ Lauri Chandler


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