Monday, July 13, 2009

ALA Day Three - last day!

Hey guys! I'm not as sore today, because I wasn't able to grab as many books. Which... well... is okay, because I think I nabbed over 100 books these last three days. My shoulders are thanking me for being nice to them today.

So, I have a shorter post for today - only 27 books, some bought for gifts/myself, but most free.

I didn't get there until 10 am today, which means I missed nabbing Fire - but I'm in a group of people that will be circulating a copy, so I should get it in a few weeks.

I did manage to find Sarah Ockler (I wasn't sure I'd bump into her yesterday, so I didn't bring it). I was lucky that she was still hanging out even though they'd run out of books to sign. So I did get my copy signed - yay!

I was bad and hung out at Little Brown and bought all three of Justina Chen Headley's books they were selling - 1 harcover, 2 paperback - for, get this - $7 total. And she signed them all! I forgot to get a picture though. I'm most excited about North of Beautiful!

After that, I bumped on over to Random House and Jennifer and Matt Holm were still signing copies of Babymouse. Now, any other day and I wouldn'tve caved and bought a copy.. but I was seeing my Children's Lit teacher from my undergrad program to talk about graphic novels to her summer Masters class and so I figured, what better surprise to give her? And they were cheap - 3 bucks for a paperback.

She was totally ecstatic and I had my friend take some pics so I could show her them signing it for me. Of course, I had to get one for myself while I was at it.. They were really great!

After that, my friend and I wandered a bit and then headed back to Little Brown to see Malinda Lo and get an arc copy of her book Ash signed. I met some other book bloggers in line - The Book Blather and Read What You Know. (Yay I figured it out!)

I was lucky enough to be the first one to sign.. we were just hanging out and I happened to suddenly be first. I was so giddy... I was her first book signee ever! :) So exciting. I can't wait to read Ash!

Later on in the day, we happened by Little Brown again and Patrick Carmen was signing his Athernon trilogy. My mom loves his books, so I picked up all three for $7 and got them all signed to her. Little Brown is the best.. they really are. They're going to send me Hate List in the mail since they ran out!

Then, we pretty much piddled around the rest of the day and happened to catch Cinda Williams Chima signing. When I asked the girl how much the books were, she told me just to take one of each.. gah! So, it's the 2nd and 3rd in the series - The Wizard Heir and The Dragon Heir. I heard they had copies of her new book earliar, but I missed it. Now I will have to acquire the first book.

Then we went home - left about 2pm (yes, very sad...). So, that was ALA. I can't wait until it's back in Chicago.. I don't know if I'll go next year or the year after, but I'll go every year it's in Chicago - same with BEA (but that'll be a while yet...).

So, I'm sure you guys want to know my other great finds of the day. The main two really are:
  • Alphas
  • Soulstice
Like I said.. not much. I found a few more random books that looked decent and fun.

I wish I could go tomorrow, because then I would scoop up some display copies. I have a friend who moving to Washington this week, so we're doing brunch tomorrow morning. I'll miss her greatly!

Thanks for tuning in and I'll definitely be holding some contests once I get some of these read, because there's no way I have room for all of these.


  1. Nice! I am jealous of how many books you managed. Once I am more gainfully employed, I will be buying at ALA instead of just begging. :)

  2. 100 books - I really need to find something similar to this in England!

  3. Oh that is so cool! I have to learn to find these things and connect. I would love to do something like that.

  4. *echoing Scrap Girl, only I'm in Argentina!
    Congrats on getting really cool books!

  5. That was me you met in line! I know, my Moo cards didn't come in time for the conference.

    And I missed the Cinda signing. Boo.

    ALA won't be back in Chicago until 2013 -- I know I can't wait that long!

  6. Aren't you lucky! =)

    I have something for you. =)

  7. I'm so bummed we missed each other!! I'm glad you had a great time though and you got some great books. I totally passed Matt and Jennifer on the escalator and wanted to tell out after them "I Love Babymouse!" but they were going down and I was going up. Ah well.

  8. Just finished ASH - and yes - it was great!

  9. I love ALA! But I didn't get to go this year :(

    Anyway, I have an award for you :)


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