Monday, July 6, 2009

Audiobooks Read

Hey guys! The last two books I listened to on audiobook were re-reads, so I didn't want to post a review, so here's a little bit of what I thought.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
I really can see why the narrator of these books has won some serious awards! He does a great job of reading the book. I do somewhat wish they had done a full-casting of these books, but one can't be picky. I think I read too fast and when I listen to an audiobook, I get more out of the book. It was nice to get a picture of what happened so I'm prepped for the movie coming out soon! Who else is going to see Harry Potter? Or rather.. who isn't and why?

The Amber Spyglass
I read these books way back in middle school and started listening to them on audiobook last year. I love that these are full-cast audiobooks. Probably the only books I've listened to so far on audio that has a full casting. Which makes a huge difference. I love the woman who did the voice of Mrs. Coulter - she did an amazing job! So good. I just love this trilogy.

And that's my update for now. I'll be doing a June review later tonight. I'm not brave enough to talk about the 30 some books I read last month right now.


  1. I didn't know audio books had full casts! I always assumed it was a single narrator. Oooh, now I want to read this trilogy. I think I own the last book! o__O!

    As for the ARC I received, lol, I got The Treasure Map of Boys by E. Lockhart. I was squealing so loudly and my mom was like, "What's wrong!? What are you excited-oh. a book. of course." HAH. xD

  2. So I love HP and His Dark Materials so idk where to start...

    HP Audio books are amazing. I'm so ready for the movie. I've already got plans for the midnight showing =) I'm rereading all the books before!!

    I love His Dark Materials and since you said the audio book has a full cast I think I'll really look into listening to them =)

  3. I absolutely love Pullman and wish he would right some more. Have you ever read his Lockhart series. It is a wonderful and the mystery involved in the plot is amazing.

  4. I love both HP books and movies, but I don't know if I could listen to the audiobook version. I mean, I'm so used to the movies' actors voices, it would be weird to hear different people.


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