Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Demon's Lexicon

The Demon's Lexicon
by Sarah Rees Brennan

Nick and Alan are brothers, but they are nothing alike. Nick is practically void of emotion, thrives in violence, and doesn't quite understand compassion. Alan is the more poetic of the two - understanding their mother's condition and helping the boy and girl who come to them for help removing a demon mark.

Alan now also has a demon mark to be rid of and they seek to kill two magicians, whose blood will remove the marks. But a group of magicians are after them, their crazed mother carrying something of importance. The boys embark on a journey to save the young man and Alan from the demon marks before they become possessed and in turn find out a little more about what is truly going on.

I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I was mad that I had to put it down to work last night. I love the relationship between the two brothers - how very different they are from each other. Also, the moments of "almost" passion is killer - drives right to your senses and then backs up, not taking away from the story line at all.

I loved learning more about this world where magicians use demons to gain power and how their blood can delete the marks of a demon on a human's skin. Soooo good.

A must read for lovers of paranormal creatures.

5/5 roses


  1. Ooooh I can't wait to read this soon!

    And speaking of paranormal creatures, there's a new contest on my blog for Kiss of Life. I know you mentioned wanting to read it a while ago! =)

  2. I am so glad to hear this! I have it on my nightstand. :)

  3. I can't wait to read this one. It sounds so good. I've been hearing a lot about it.

  4. I skipped over your review when you posted it because I hadn't read the book yet. But, you were right -- the world building in this book was amazing!

  5. I have been seeing this book recently being reviewed and was interested in what you thought. Characters are very important to me and after reading about how much you like the brother's relationship I think I will have to get this one.


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