Friday, July 10, 2009


Hey guys!

Things have been hectic lately. I'm way behind on reading and leaving comments on your blogs because I've been busy getting a job.

Here's the short story of what happened. I applied for this job on Monday - it's 90 minutes away and wasn't the exact job I thought I wanted. On Tuesday, I got a call from the principal to set up an appointment - I was a bit surprised she called me that fast. So yesterday (Thursday) I went to the interview. I was nervous, but kept thinking this wouldn't be the job for me. I thought wrong. Not only was the job a PERFECT fit, but she basically offered me the job on the spot.

So now I'm going to be traveling a bit the next few months until my lease is up. I'm going to work at an elementary school library and it's really tech-heavy, which is what I wanted. I went in today to start the paperwork, signed my first contract and made appointments to fill out more paperwork.

I was a little worried about my fiance's response because I wasn't sure how he would feel about moving again (we just moved out last November). Surprise surprise - guess what he brought me that night after he worked?

A bouquet of roses!

He's really excited (esp. when he heard my salary) and will look into transferring closer to November.

So, that's why I'm behind on reviews, comments, etc.

Here's what I have lined up to work on tonight (after I do dishes and clean up a bit):
  • Review of Red Glass
  • Review of The Book Thief
  • Blog layout/pictures/contest sidebar work
  • Posting up my next contest!
  • Work on my IMM post (since I'm at ALA all day tomorrow)
So, yay! I have a better paying job for next year and I'm finally on the tenure track! Now I just need to catch up on reading, blogging, and housework!


  1. Congrats, that's really awesome!!

  2. Awesome! Congratulations on the new job!!

  3. Congrats, that's great! And those flowers are so pretty. =D

  4. Awesome news! Love the flowers!

  5. That is wonderful newS!!!!! Congratz!

    While you are catching up, go and sign up at my contest!

  6. How exciting Kristen! It's so great that you found a job that fits you well (and has decent pay). PLus how sweet is that,your finace brought you roses...lucky lucky girl!


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