Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What the Moon Saw

What the Moon Saw
by Laura Resau

Clara receives a letter from her grandparents in Mexico asking her to come and visit them for the summer. Her father was an illegal immigrant when he met Clara's mother and now she has the chance to get to know the place where he grew up and his parents.

What she finds when she arrives is a lack of a tv, dvd player and any other electronics that normally keep her busy. Surrounded by nature, she finds more about herself and the healing that she can do, just like her grandmother. Her grandmother shares the story of how she came to be where she was, marrying Clara's grandfather.

I didn't quite describe the plot well enough, but here's a bit more. Clara's soul is restless and somehow her grandmother senses that miles away. Even though she arrives in the village feeling apprehensive, she finds companionship in a young man who herds goats and in her grandparents and their kind and loving ways.

I just loved this book. It was so moving and written so well. I fell in love with the characters of this book. I loved seeing Clara's transformation, her self-discovery in who she really is. She grows quickly out of the selfish teenage skin and into something more spiritual.

The story her grandmother shares through the novel is equally as beautiful and engaging. I suggest this book to anyone. Resau's writing really puts you into the shoes of the characters and immerses you in a different culture.

5/5 Roses

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  1. Awesome Review!!
    I Can't Believe I've Never Heard Of This Book...
    I Will Definately Check It Out!



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