Monday, August 10, 2009

It's Monday, What are you reading?

J.Kaye hosts this wonderful meme.

Click on titles for my reviews or more info on the book.

Read this past week:
Heartsinger by Karlijn Stoffels
Fade to Blue by Sean Beaudoin
The Kindling of Greenfyr by Mark Freeman
Ash by Malinda Lo

Currently reading:
Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

Rampant by Diana Peterfreund
Candor by Pam Bachorz
Violet Wings by Victoria Hanley
Crash Into Me by Albert Borris
The Family Bones by Kimberly Raiser

I really need to up my reading! Gah, so many books to read.

Quick updates:

  • I got my wedding dress last week! So excited for October!
  • New job starts in about two weeks. I'm nervous, but excited!
  • Two more spotlights were up - Saturday and Sunday
  • Posted a new contest for a signed, ARC copy of Ash and a poster. See top of page for a link!
  • Poll results are in - so the first 4 books upcoming were my top votes! :)
  • Comment contest for August is up. Again, top of page if you haven't heard of it yet. (Yes, feeling lazy)
  • And random comment - go adult YA book bloggers! Woot!
Thanks for tuning in guys!


  1. Stop by my blog I got a surprise for you!

  2. I'm about to read Epitaph Road by David Patneaude!:D:D The premise sounds sooo good...

  3. After that it's Not Like You by Deborah Davis. That one sounds really intense. I like intense:)

  4. Yay for weddings! When in October?
    I got married October 25th last year. :D Congrats!

  5. Congrats on your wedding. You read some great books. The Summoning was really good, I just got The Awakening and can't wait to read it(:

  6. Congrats on getting your wedding dress! And good luck when you start your new job.

  7. Right now, I am reading After by Amy Efaw. I'm about halfway in, and I have been hooked from the beginning. It's amazing.

  8. I hope you're enjoying Hush, Hush! I absolutely loved it.

    Congrats on the wedding! What does your dress look like?

  9. I love your currently reading list. Both are ones that I want to read.
    Also I can't wait to read Rampant. Happy reading.

  10. *tries to steal Hush, Hush*
    *eyes you*

    ... want. :] You have a nice set of books to read, lol.

  11. I'm reading A Hard Man Is Good to Find. Can't remember the author. The title is awesome but the book isn't so good. Plus the book has NOTHING to do with the title.

  12. Stop by my blog I have a surprise for you!


    I'm sooo excited for your review of Rampant! And Hush, Hush!

    And yay for weddings, I hope you post a pic of you in your wedding dress!! Cuz yay wedding dresses are pretty. :-)

  14. You need to UP your reading?? Wow. I think you're reading a lot already - that was a pretty hefty list for last week. Sounds like you've been busy!


  15. I'm currently reading James Rollins Doomsday Key and I just finished Educating Esme. Although there are a few others that I don't remember. Lol

  16. Wow you had a great week. I can't wait to read Hush, Hush and I loved The Summoning but make sure you have The Awakening at hand!
    Happy reading
    Here's my Monday post

  17. Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick - AWESOME!!! What do you think of it so far?

  18. I can't wait for Rampant! I love Diana Peterfreund's other series (Secret Society Girl), so I've been counting down to this one

  19. Seeing lots of great things about Hush, Hush! Enjoy!

  20. I think the amount of books you read now is great! lol but I do understand how you feel. I'm really looking forward to all your upcoming reviews...I basically have every one of them on my TBR list lol

  21. Wow you read a lot faster than I do. I really need to read more this month. Also, jealous of your reading pile. Rampant and Violet Wings are both on my wishlist. Enjoy!

  22. Want to read Hush Hush and The Summoning, both look great books.

  23. You read about as much as me. THIS MUST CHANGE. *reads*

    You're incredibly busy and you still blog. I'm impressed. :D

  24. Love this meme! You read pretty fast!

  25. I really want to read Hush Hush and Rampant!

  26. Mishel yeah I wished I could read that much. I read 2 max 3 books per week.

  27. Ahh I keep seeing Rampant but I can't buy anymore books right now. It makes me so sad. =[


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