Thursday, August 20, 2009

Link a Contest Thursday!

And we're back for another awesome week of contests. I was happy to see nearly 50 contests were linked!

A few people asked whether they could link contests they had heard about that weren't their own.. what do the rest of you think? Leave a comment below!

Also, I wanted to take a minute to share some awesome contests I've personally found this week.

  • Taschima over at Bloody Bookaholic is holding The Mega Palooza Contest. She's giving away 11 books to THREE different winners - the first winner will get to choose 7, the second gets three books (chosen by Taschima), and the third gets one (also chosen by Taschima). Yep. Make sure to check it out before it ends September 27th.
  • Stop, Drop, and Read is currently holding 12 different contests. Head over to her blog and check them out!
  • Lee A Verday is giving away a copy of Wings on his amazing blog.
  • Bookworm Readers is giving away a copy of Lipstick Apology.
  • Want to win a signed, harcover copy of Prophecy of the Sisters? Well, head on over to Write for a Reader and join her Gothic Film Club for your chance to win.

Alright, Mr. Linky time. There's a slight delay for now until I decide to upgrade. So it may take a minute for your link to show up.

Again, I suggest you leave the name of the item(s) you're giving away as opposed to your name.


  1. Thanks for hosting all these links.

  2. I have 9 GIVEAWAYS GOING ON NOW! More to be added today! Stop by and win!!

    xoxo Park-Avenue Princess

  3. Wow there are so many contests going on!
    Thanks for letting us know!

  4. What an awesome post - You rock Kristen!!

  5. Thank you for posting these contests, as my book is in one of them!

    L. Diane Wolfe “Spunk On A Stick”

  6. Hey. I;m on twice, cause I have too many pages going and wasn't paying attention the first time. You can remove #28

  7. Technically I'm giving away 11 books xD

    But there are 20 to choose from. First winner gets to choose 7 of the bunch, second winner gets 3 and third winner gets 1, only the second and third winner don't get to choose muahahahaha.

    Can you edit that so that people don't get confused? Thanks ^^

  8. This is amazing!

    I'm a little late but I'm hoping someone will check back.

    My contest is sneaky because it's after the review.

  9. I love this feature. But I have a few questions. SO, I went to look at last week's links and it wasn't there. If we have a contest that is going on for a few weeks, do we just keep posting it every week?
    Also, I noticed that some people put the end date in the link but others don't. I've found it really useful when people put the end date in... maybe in the future you can ask for people to put it in? Just a suggestion! : )

  10. Thanks so much for posting this! I agree with Genevieve about the end dates thing.

  11. I like this post. A great way to find some amazing contests. Thanks

  12. I think posting other people's contests is a good idea. I love finding any new contests!

  13. Thanks for doing this every Thursday:)

  14. Such an awesome meme. :D You are a blogging goddess, hon!

  15. Love this idea. Easier for me to find great contests in just one stop. Hope you keep on doing this every thursday.

  16. More and more great contests! Ty Kristen!

  17. Casey I agree, It makes it easier on my contest-a-holic life!

  18. Thanks for creating this. I have found some amazing contests through this. =]


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