Thursday, August 6, 2009

More awards!

I feel like every time I turn around a new award pops up. Which it feels pretty darn good to get these babies. Even if it takes me FOREVER to pick new blogs to give it to. :) That's the main reason I procrastinate on posting these babies.

So let's start! *cracks knuckles*

The Lemonade Award
Thanks to The Book Scout!


The Lemonade Award is a feel good award that shows great attitude or gratitude. Here are the rules for accepting this award:
-Put the Lemonade Award logo on your blog or post.
-Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude.
-Link your nominees within your post.
-Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
-Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award.

Here is my list of nominees:
Emma at Booking Through 365
Kim at The Book Butterfly
Andrea at The Little Bookworm
Liz at Booklover
Nicole at Books and Bards
Sara at The Hiding Spot
Kate at The Neverending Shelf

Check out their awesome blogs if you haven't already!

The Zombie Chicken Award
Thanks to For the Love of All that is Written!

The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their inspiring words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all...

This award is AWESOME! And I'm super freakin' excited to get it. Funniest one EVER.

Here is my list of nominees:
Shayla at The Book Explorer
Kay at You 2.0 Blog
Lee at Lee A. Verday's Book/Writing Blog
Sarah at Green Been Teen Queen
Tina at Fantastic Book Review
Kristi at The Story Siren

Super Comments Award
Thanks to A Flight of Minds!

My nominees:
Mishel at mis(h)takes
Jazz at Miss Danaidae
Vivienne at Serendipidity
WilowRaven at Red House Books
Celi.a at adventures of celia bedelia

Me-To-You Award
Thanks to A Flight of Minds!

My nominees:
Bianca at A Place for Wicked Good Books
April at Good Books & Good Wine
Samantha at Harlequin Twilight's Book Blog
Melanie at Melanie's Musings

I know, I'm choosing random amounts, but oh well. I'm getting tired. So tired I don't know if I have the energy to leave comments notifying all of these peeps. We'll see... it's a long list.. :)

Thanks again to everyone who nominated me for these! And also, check out the blog links okay?


  1. That zombie award is definitely the coolest out there. Normally, I don't pass on awards. I figure they're passed out enough. Instead, I spotlight the blog that sent it to me and send everyone back to them, because the blogger is generally awesome enough to deserve the attention. However, I recently got that zombie award, and when I post about it this weekend, I'm definitely passing it on!! That's one I'm happy passing out. :)

  2. Congrats on all your awards. I like the zombie chicken award.

  3. Thanks for the award! It is my first one...!! I was pretty excited :)

    And I hope to one day receive the Zombe Chicken Award! :)

  4. Aw!! Thank you. This is my very first award. :)

  5. Thank you so much for the award!! And congrats on the others. I love the Zombie Chicken Award!!

  6. Thanks so much Kristen! Congrats to you too!

  7. AWwww! Thank you! This is my first award too! Makes me happy! Congrats to the others too!

  8. Thanks for the award, Kristen! That's so awesome of you. It's cute and made me smile.

    So you've seen ALL of the Austen movies? Wow. That's impressive. Which one was your favorite?

  9. Congrats! You totally deserve these:D

  10. LMAO at the zombie chicken award! It's so cool...

  11. Well done on all of your awards. Thank you for mine too.

  12. *hugs* thanks so much Kristen. And congrats on all of your awards <3

  13. Awww, thanks Kristen. You are so nice. And congrats on getting some many awards. Good work.

  14. Wow you got a ton of awards. Congrats!

  15. Wow!! Congratulations on all of your well deserved awards :D

  16. LOL! Thanks for the Zombie Chicken Award, Kristen!!! :-)

  17. Thanks Kristen! Y ou're so sweet! And congrats on your awards!!! You deserve them!

  18. Congrats on your awards! I majorly delay in putting up my awards because it takes forever to pick Blogs to pass it on to as well :P

  19. Congrats for the award!
    And thanks I didn't know the neverending shelf bolg and it's great!

  20. I'm so excited to recieve my first award, and congrats on winning the Zombie Chicken Award, that one is fantastic! I can't wait to go check out all the other nominees.

  21. Congrats on the awards, you deserve them!

  22. =) You have awards at my blog!

  23. Thank you so much for this award. :D

  24. Congrats on all those awards! You deserve them. :D

  25. It's really great to have this many awards, I hope you feel the love girl =)

  26. You definitely deserve all your awards. Love your blog!

  27. Gosh that's a lot of awards but you deserve every one. Also, it's fun to look at your nominations because then I find awesome new blogs. =]


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