Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And we all learn that I'm human too.

I made a human error the other day. Something called forgetfulness. A blogging friend of mine pointed it out to me, thank goodness.

So, a few days ago I posted about doing me a favor. To get a book called Sea Glass from Maria V. Snyder.

In my haste (and tiredness), I posted it without the link to her website where she describes her referral program. Basically, if you chat her books up with other people, they can email her telling her you were talking up her books. If you get FIVE, you can choose one of her books, which she'll send signed to you. You just have to email her with your contact information and that you referred people to her.

So please check out Maria's website for more information.

I'm also adding it to my original post here.

So, don't hate me - please? I just thought I'd spread the word about her awesome books and get at least 5 people to email her so I could read her new book.

I also think you guys could use this referral service to get yourself a copy of one of her awesome books as well! So, again, here's the link:

Check it out guys! She's an awesome author!


  1. Aw. That's alright! I posted a review the other day without the review attached. Just a pic and book info. It happens... :)

  2. Well I'm glad to know that you make mistakes too. =] And that is an awesome referral program. I just might have to post that on my blog.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. It is a great referral program! I love it how it's win win for all the parties involved!

  4. We are all guilty of a goof at one time or another. Thanks for the link. I would love a copy of her book, maybe I'll post this too, thanks for the link.

  5. It's ok, we all made mistakes!
    BTW Is she going to send you the books? I hope so!

  6. I didn't even notice. I just sent the e-mail anyways. And I got a personalized reply back from her - how awesome is that!

  7. I agree with everyone else-We all make mistakes so don't spend time beating yourself up over it! =]
    I'll definitely keep that referral program in mind; I'm always looking for things to write about and people to help :D

  8. I love her program to, I was glad I discovered it.
    It's a very original way to promote your books!

  9. Thanks for the link to the contest info. I have all her books on my wishlist at the moment :)
    Got an email today saying she got my email for your referral :)

  10. No biggie! At least you recognized it! It's an awesome program. :D

  11. that's okay. nobody's perfect. :)

  12. I'm def. gonna tell people about her books. Maybe I can even get a signed book of sea glass. :)


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