Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Review Policy

Welcome to Bookworming in the 21st Century. Thank you for considering us to become a reviewer of your novel or product. We love accepting novels from authors and publishers as well as hosting giveaways, guest posts, and interviews. It is always nice to get to know other authors and booklovers.

If you are interested in having one of us review your novel or product, host a giveaway, or have us post an author interview or guest post, please fill out this form.

Our reviews of an item always involve our honest opinions. Sending us a product or novel to review does not guarantee a 5 rose review, but will reflect our true thoughts on the item during the review post, including positive and negative feedback and how we felt about the item personally.

Genres that Kristen enjoys:

Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction are the two main types of fiction that I read and blog about on Bookworming in the 21st Century.. I do accept some adult novels if they fall into the category of Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, and some Science Fiction and usually only if the author is familiar to me. My personal favorite genres are paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction and dystopian literature. I also am a big fan of graphic novel and manga. I generally will not rate those types of novels, but will do so if the graphic novel is a review book.

I prefer actual ARCs or physical copies of a review book, but will consider a title in e-book format if the book highly appeals to my tastes in reading.

Here is a complete list of all the books I have reviewed since the start of my blog. My format has changed over the course of my blogging, but the ratings have not.

Genres that April enjoys:

My favorite genres are YA paranormal and fantasy. While books are a good way to escape reality those are my two favorites to use. If it appeals to me I will also check out some science fiction, adult books of paranormal and urban fantasy. I would rather that the book either be an ARC or finished copy. No PDFs or e-books.

What happens when we accept a novel to review:

Accepting an item for review does not guarantee that we will write a review. If the book does not appeal to us after about 50 or so pages, we usually move onto a different book. In our best interest, we do our best to accept books that we think we will enjoy most so that this situation does not arise. While we promise only to give an honest review of the item, we will make sure that there are always positives and negatives in our reviews. Even if we do not like a book, we like to convey the reason to my readers why it did not appeal to us personally and what the novel's stronger points were.

Our reviews generally include:

  • The cover art of the novel,
  • The Author's name,
  • Release Date of the novel,
  • A summary of the novel, and
  • My personal opinion of the book.
If requested, we will also provide any information provided about the author, her website, social networking accounts or any multimedia that coincides with the books - such as a book trailer.

Generally, our reviews are posted here on Bookworming in the 21st Century, as well as on Goodreads. If you want a book reviewed on a website other than these two, please let us know and we will try my best to oblige.


We have created a review rating that suits my love of reading. We will rarely rate a book below 3 Roses because we think all books have merit and something good about them. This is how the Rose Rating is broken down:

5/5 Roses Loved the book

4/5 Roses Liked the book

3/5 Roses Did not enjoy the book personally.

2/5 Roses Skimmed most of the book.

1/5 Roses Gave up on it.

We're very honest, but we try my best to find something good about the book we've just read. You won't end up seeing a lot of 1 or 2 rose books because we won't review them if we haven't read most/all of the book.

How long will it take for a review:

If sent a book for review, we will try our best to read it in a timely manner. We try to review novels that are already published first and then ARCs a week or so before they are due to be published. If you want the review posted by a certain date, please let us know so that we can make sure the book is read and reviewed by that date. Most likely, it will take us about 3 months after receiving a novel, but that is not a guarantee.

Bookmarks and Swag:

We love receiving bookmarks and swag to help promote Young Adult and Middle Grade novels. We tend to send out bookmarks and swag with my contests, so if you would like to send us some, please email me.

Other Products:

If you have a product that you think would appeal to teens and adults that like to read, please feel free to contact us. We are definitely open to reviewing any items that we think our readers will enjoy.


  1. I love that you use Roses. It such a cute idea. Reminds me of the theatre. The better the play, the more roses on stage!

  2. Thanks for elaborating on your ratings and I love the roses. That's actually my middle name. =]

  3. Ooooo ... the roses are so purdy! I appreciate it when a reviewer is honest as opposed to those who only review when they like a book. At least we readers can go into a book feeling informed.

  4. The roses are lovely! I'm with Llehn, I prefer honest reviews..and to know why you didn't like!

  5. I too, prefer honest reviews. Basically, if a book is really that terrible, I won't review it and I'll just send it back to the author.

  6. I like your rose ratings. Nice to know how you rate the books.

  7. That's a nice review system. I need 2 come up with a better & more creative review system.

  8. nice review system. I have a hard time giving books a negative review because I might not like a book but someone else may love it.


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