Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Where I deliver some news...

I try not to do update posts frequently because I think they can be tedious, but here we go...

First of all, big news is: September Comment Contest is extended.. until I have 10 different titles in the pot. I have 5 right now. Yes, I suck. Give me another week or two and I'll have five more, promise! So until I get those read and filled up to ten, you can still earn entries by commenting on new posts.

Secondly, I'm a bit behind. Things are getting hectic. I have a few reviews to post and I still need to post about Saturday's YA conference, which was fantastic. So, look forward to that sometime this week.

And last of all, I need help coming up with some names for my fiance's feature. He gave me his first review - which to be honest - put most of my reviews to shame it was so good. So, I need a name and possibly a regular day to post it on.

Some of my lame ideas have been:
Chris' Corner (his first name)
Saturday Sci-Fi Reviews

And really.. that's it. So, if you have a suggestion, please leave it here. He mainly is going to be reading and reviewing adult sci-fi and some fantasy. His name is Chris and he's my fiance.. um and that's mainly the info you could use for coming up with feature names.

Okay and last last last of all. I was thinking about making my own bookmarks for my blog. Does anyone else do this and what program/business do you guys use?

Thanks for being awesome and always helping me out. :)


  1. Chris' Corner sounds good.

    What about,
    The Man knows it all...

    I think it's kind of funny =P

  2. The Saturday Sci-Fi sounds fun - then he only has to post once a week. :)

  3. I like Chris' Corner!
    Your own bookmarks sound cool! But I don't know how to make them.. sorry!

  4. Submitted for Your Approval (like the old Twilight Zone episodes)!

  5. Ha! I kind of like Tynga's suggestion: "The Man knows it all..."

    Emily's is pretty good too, though. :)

  6. Sorry I'm not really good with coming up with different names so can't help you there but I like some of the names posted so far.

  7. Only thing I could think of:

  8. I'm not really good with names but Chris' Corner sounds good. =]

  9. I actually like Chris' Corner.

    I like tynga's suggestion to: The Man knows it all...

  10. Um, I posted earlier by my post seems to have been eaten up. So if this is a duplicate, then um, sorry :D

    How about Chris's Candid Comments?

  11. I vote for Chris' Corner... it's cute =)

  12. Your own bookmarks sound cool! But I don't know how to make them.. sorry! Web hosting india


    I use these. Moo makes other sizes, too!

  14. i like chris' corner! that's too cute!


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