Thursday, October 29, 2009

If I had all day to read...

So, I am now going to attack my TBR pile and find the paranormal books I would've liked to get to before Halloween. And then, if I have energy, to name my most desired wanted paranormal books.

Ah Halloween you have come so fast...

Vampire/Other Immortals Books
Pretty Dead by Francesca Lia Block
Sucks to be Me by Kimberly Pauley
Another Faust by Daniel and Dina Nayeri

Werewolves/Shapeshifters Books
Stray by Rachel Vincent
Rogue by Rachel Vincent

Ghosts and out of body experiences Books
Ghost Huntress: The Awakening by Kate Harmon and Marley Gibson
Ghost Huntress: The Guidance by Kate Harmon and Marley Gibson
Nothing but Ghosts by Beth Kephart

Fallen by Lauren Kate
The Demon's Kiss by Sarwat Chadda

Witches/Psychics/Other Weird Powers
Wicked series by Nancy Holder
Possessions by Nancy Holder
Witch Child by Celia Rees
The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima
My Soul to Take by Rachel Vincent
War of the Witches by Maite Carranza
Once a Witch by Carolyn MacCullough

Fairies/Pixies/other Fey creatures
Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater
Selina Penaluna by Jan Page
Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev

Evil? by Timothy Carter
School's Out-Forever by James Patterson
Meridian by Amber Kizer

Yep, all of those are sitting around, waiting to be read. *sigh* So many books, so little time...


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on Ballad!

  2. You got such great bunch of books! You are sooo lucky :)

  3. wow, I wish I had all those books :)

  4. OH MAN - I sooo know what you mean - I have um, 17 on the way - :) - and I already have several still I have yet to read, ACK soo many books! :) SOO MANY - but it's soo fun, I have a hard time going a week with out buying at least 2 or 3 new one's even though I got a ton to read...but something in me "needs them" NEEDS the book store LOL -

    It's my drug of choice!

  5. Great list! I really want to read Fallen and Another Faust They soud fairly amazing. My Soul to Take is a really fast read, it only took me a couple hours. Nothing but Ghosts has amazing writing, but it's not actually about ghosts. Eyes Like Stars was, of course, completely fabulous. Hope you enjoy them all!

  6. I think you should make "If I Had All Day To Read" either a feature or a meme, post what books are most calling to you at a particular time, whether they are on a topic/around a theme or not.

  7. I have a bunch of those on my shelves as well. If only I could get paid to read my books. sigh.

  8. Lots of great books on that pile! I know what it is like, though. I could have lists like this every month and still not get to half of them!


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