Thursday, October 22, 2009

Link a Contest Thursday!

So... it's that time again.. where you link your contest to promote it and so others can enter!

Quick update first: The wedding is on SATURDAY! I actually have stuff scheduled for that weekend blog-wise so you will be entertained. The laptop gets a three day vacation to sleep in our apartment - but I will be bringing 2 or 3 books. Got most everything done, just praying for good weather. :-D

Okay, back to contests!

Rules (or at least STRONG suggestions):
1. Name the item being given away (instead of the blog name)
2. Give the end date in () after the name
3. Make sure to link DIRECTLY to that contest post - if you don't know how to do this - just click on the title of the contest blog and it will give a direct URL you can use.
4. If you want to post a contest you've found, make sure it isn't already posted.


And please steal this! Not all my followers will be following your blog, so if you spread the contest love with a Mr. Linky, all the better for contest-loving-bloggers!


  1. Just wanted to say Congratulations! I hope you have a wonderful wedding and an amazing honeymoon! :)

  2. congrats on getting married :D

    i posted 4 links for you

  3. Echoing what Jenn said - congratulations and have a wonderful wedding and honeymoon!

  4. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!

  5. Let me chime in with a big congratulations and best wishes on your big day!

  6. Congratulations and may your wedded life have many blessings!

  7. No contest to add this week. I just posted my winner last night, but will have another one soon.

    Congratulations again on your wedding. Sending you good weather vibes from our sunny coast. Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to relax.

  8. Wonderful Wedding Wishes to both! Congratulations : D

    Merry Weather

  9. Congrats on the wedding, have fun! Where are you going for your honeymoon?

  10. YAY! Contests come to me ;)
    And tomorrow.. the BIG BIG day!

  11. I hope you have a FABULOUS wedding!

  12. So, I take it you decided not to participate in the read-a-thon? LOL.

    Congrats! I hope that all of your wedding day dreams come true.

  13. Hey Kristen- I just received my Prophecy of the Sisters stuff in the mail today. Thanks! Loved the stickers on the box :)

  14. Congrats on the engagment and thankyou for this contest Mr. Linky thing!


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