Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cinderella and the Mean Queen

Cinderella and the Mean Queen

by Tony Bradman
Illustrated by Sarah Warburton

Cinderella has had one happily ever after but now she finds out that her new mother-in-law is quite mean. She calls Cinderella useless and since she doesn't want the queen to think she is - she tries to find a job. In the end, she starts a makeover business and her and the queen bond as she does her over.

I must say that these books are super cute. The series After Happily Ever After is great for younger and, also, struggling readers. The plot is fun (and definitely a bit girly) and has a great message for kids. The illustrations are very cute and fit right in with what's going on in the story. Definitely a series I'd recommend for girls who love fairy tales.

5/5 Roses

*This book was given to me for review by the publisher.

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