Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Invisible Touch (1 ARC Tour)

Invisible Touch
By Kelly Parra

Kara has changed since her father's death. She sees signs on people - signs that mean something that she has to piece together. A series of symbols leads her to meet a young man who becomes her boyfriend.

Because of her circumstances, she cannot confide in the one person who has learned to like her for who she really is - not the person she pretends to be for her mother. Will Kara be able to solve the puzzle behind these signs before it's too late and someone gets hurt?

I really enjoyed reading this novel - something a bit different in the realm of paranormal fantasy. Adding in the latino culture of this day and age, it's something I was never exposed to. I liked the realism, yet decent character of Kara. She goes to parties, but is responsible when she does.

4/5 Roses


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