Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Magic Study

Just as addicting, Maria V. Snyder's Magic Study will keep your attention and make you want more.

Magic Study
by Maria V. Snyder

Yalena heads back to Sitia to be reunited with the family she does not even remember. While her parents and sister are welcoming, her older brother Leif remains distant and suspicious of her sudden return. She is there to study and improve her magical skills. Of course, she meets the heir to Ixia's throne - all of his family who had been killed by Valek - and learns of his ambition to take back the throne with an army he cannot seem to gather.

Unfortunately, Yalena finds herself with new enemies but also new friends to aide her when she gets into trouble. She's used to having to rely on herself and cannot understand when her mentor Irys becomes angry over her stepping forward and trying everything on her own. Another plot comes into place later in the book - a killer who has claimed the life of 10 young woman and hunts for more. Little does Yalena know that the sinister plot involves more than just murder, but the lust for magic and power.

Again, we find Yalena in many sticky situations - some of her own devise - and others that did not come of her own thick-headedness. She seems to keep up her knack for plowing ahead without consulting anyone but herself. I love her willfullness and the way she is so brazen about her duty to help others. Yalena forgets the danger she is putting herself in and thinks only of the one she is trying to help.

Her interactions with Leif keep you wondering what will happen between them. Will Leif ever trust Yalena? Is there more to Leif's distrust and distancing? And there's a lot more fun evil guys - what is it with my obsession with these sadistic evil men who simply want to hurt Yalena or other young women.. hrm. Keeps the excitement peaked I guess.

Maria has yet again delivered a book that keeps you turning the pages, finding new twists and turns and a decent amount of violence. I am a violence junkie after all. . .

Now I'm dying for the third book.

5/5 Roses

Read chapter 1 of Magic Study over on Maria V. Snyder's website.

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  1. this looks awesome. I really want to read this book and the series!! i love an addicting series that makes you think and fall in love with the characters. #giveaway

  2. Great Review. I love the Study Series.

  3. I'm becoming addicted to your reviews of this series so I can only begin to wonder how addicted I would be to the books themselves! #giveaway

  4. That third book will definitely not disappoint. I loved the ending to this series. #giveaway

  5. one simple question: can this book be read as a stand alone or must you read the previous books first?

  6. I would definitely suggest that the series be read in order to be able to get the most enjoyment out of it.

    I am glad to hear that you are enjoying this series!

  7. I want to read these books so bad! I've heard such fabulous things about the entire series, and seeing reviews like this just makes me want to read it more!

    So glad to see that you are liking it! Can't wait to read it myself!



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