Monday, November 9, 2009

Review: The Door in the Dragon's Throat

Title: The Door in the Dragon’s Throat (Book 1 of Cooper Kid's Adevnture Series)
Author: Frank Peretti
Publisher: Crossway Books (originally 1985, reprinted since)
Pages: 120
Age Level: 9-12
Book Source: personally owned
Overall rating:

Synopsis: A mystery as old as the desert sands…

When teenagers Jay and Lila Cooper and their archaeologist father travel to Nepur, an uninviting land of deserts and danger, they must search to uncover the truth behind an ancient legend. Locals claim that inside a dark cavern called the Dragon’s Throat is a forbidden Door that brings certain death to anyone who tries to open it.

Armed with the knowledge that God is more powerful than any legend or curse, Jay and Lila plunge down into the Dragon’s Throat, determined to find out what awaits them on the other side of the Door. This daring tale will have you on the edge of your seat.

My Thoughts: At the moment of writing this review I am 26 and this isn’t a book that is meant for someone my age so that is the only reason that I give the characters themselves a 3. Because for me while I am a huge fan of Frank Peretti, which is why I read it, I would have liked a little more character development. You get enough for the age group that this book is meant for. You know who the main characters are and what their purpose is in the story. I would have just liked a little more.

One of the things that I love about Frank Peretti is that the way that he writes I feel like I watch a movie of it as I read it. This book didn’t fail in that area. For the age group that this book is meant for it is written so they can understand and get hooked.

Peretti is a Christian author so his books do have that theme in them.

It had a good build up to the three main characters saving the day. With the way that Peretti writes if you were watching an action movie you would be on the edge of your site cheering them on to make it to save the day.

The cover is good in showing two of the main characters and what they went to do.

If you are age 9-12 then the book is perfect for you to read. If you are older like me then I would only read it if you are already a fan of Frank Peretti.

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