Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wind Power Whiz Kid

Wind Power Whiz Kid
by Scott Nickel
Illustrated by Andy J. Smith

Buzz Beaker is the son of a scientist and let's just say he's got the inventing bug just like his dad. In this graphic novel adventure, Buzz creates a helmet that turns brain power into energy. His dad creates an even bigger invention - a windmill that produces electricity. It will replace the Sludgeco plant that is polluting their town.

Only, Mr. Sludgeco won't have himself put out of business. He sets out to tamper with the windmill, but to no avail - for Buzz saves the day.

For kids who like science and shows like Jimmy Neutron - this is the perfect graphic novel series for them. The characters are funny, the plot entertaining and filled with action, and they learn something. After the story ends, there is a page of facts about whatever topic was discussed. So in this book it discusses windmills.

Graphic novels are great for struggling readers and this is a pretty low level graphic novel that still has a high interest level for older kids.

5/5 Roses

*This book was given to me for review by the publisher.

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  1. Great Review!:) It sounds really good!


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