Monday, December 21, 2009

Graphic Novels Challenge 2010

I'm really racking up some challenges so far, but this one I really need to jump on board with. My graphic novel reading has been... slacking. So, I thought to myself, why not join this challenge for next year!

I've got a bunch sitting at my apartment needing to be read.

Here's the rules:

  • The challenge starts on January 1st 2010 and ends on December 31st (but we don't mind you starting early.)
  • You don't have to make a list beforehand (but you can, of course! Lists are great because they give ideas to people who aren't sure what to read. And if you do make one, don't feel forced to stick to it!)
  • We simplified the levels of participation: you can be a Beginner (3 Comics or Graphic Novels), Intermediate (3-10) or an Expert (10+). You're more than free to adjust your level of participation after the challenge has begun.
  • There will be mini-challenges! Look for a post with more info on that soon.
  • Overlaps with other challenges are totally fine.
I'm going for Expert level. I hope to read more than 10, but at least need to read that many.

I'll update them on this post. :) Click on the cool button above to join up!

1. Constance and the Great Escape by Pierre Le Gall
2. Cat Burglar Black by Richard Sala
3. Adventures in Cartooning: How to Turn Your Doodles Into Comics by James Sturm
4. Fashion Kitty and the Unlikely Hero by Charise Mericle Harper
5. Babymouse #10: The Musical by Jennifer L. Holm
6. Babymouse #11: Dragonslayer by Jennifer L. Holm
7. Perseus and Medusa by Blake A. Hoena
8. Eek & Ack vs The Wolfman by Blake A. Hoena
9. Monster in the Outfield by Robert Marsh
10. Princess Candy #1: Sugar Hero by Michael Dahl
11. Princess Candy #2: The Marshmallow Mermaid by Michael Dahl
12. Recon Academy: Shadow Cell Scam by Chris Everheart
13. The Elsewhere Chronicles #1: The Shadow Door by Nykko
14. Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
15. Lunch Lady and the League of Librarians by Jarrett J. Krosoczka
16. Dragonbreath by Ursula Vernon
17. Amulet: The Stonekeeper's Curse (Book 2) by Kazu Kibuishi
18. The Incredible Rockhead by Scott Nickel
19. T-Minus: The Race to the Moon by Jim Ottaviani
20. The Storm in the Barn by Matt Phelan
21. Outlaw: The Legend of Robin Hood by Tony Lee
22. Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer
23. Binky the Space Cat by Ashley Spires
24. Luke on the Loose by Harry Bliss
25. The 323 Detective Agency: The Disappearance of Dave Warthog by Fiona Robinson
26. The Secret Science Alliance and the Copy Cat Crook by Eleanor Davis
27. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Eric Shanower
28. Dork Diaries by Rachel R. Russell
29. Dreamland Chronicles Book One by Scott Christian Sava
30. Benny and Penny in the Big No-No by Geoffrey Hayes
31. Frankie Pickle and the Closet of Doom by Eric Wight
32. Hatter M: Mad with Wonder by Frank Beddor
33. Kin by Holly Black
34. Kith by Holly Black
35. Crogan's Vengeance by Chris Schweizer
36. The Castle of Galomar (New Brighton Archeological Society) by Mark Andrew Smith & Matthew Weldon
37. Courtney Crumrin's Monstrous Holiday by Ted Naifeh
38. Sanctuary (Wicked Lovely: Desert Tales, Vol. 1) by Melissa Marr
39. The Emperor's New Clothes: The Graphic Novel by Hans Christian Anderson
40. Bride of the Water God Vol. 1 by Mi-Kyung Yun
41. Bride of the Water God Vol. 2 by Mi-Kyung Yun
42. Bride of the Water God Vol. 3 by Mi-Kyung Yun
43. Black is for Beginnings by Laurie Faria Stolarz
44. Avalon High: Coronation #1: Merlin Prophecy by Meg Cabot
45. Avalon High: Coronation #2: Homecoming by Meg Cabot
46. Avalon High: Coronation #3: Hunters Moon by Meg Cabot
47. Alison Dare, Little Miss Adventures by J. Torres and J. Bone
48. Alison Dare, The Heart of the Maiden by J. Torres and J. Bone
49. Children of the Sea, Vol. 1
50. Chosen - The Graphic Novel by Ted Dekker (manga blog)
51. Gloomcookie vol. 1 by Ted Naifeh (manga blog)
52. Vampire Knight vol. 1 by Matsuri Hino
53. Vampire Knight Vol. 2 by Matsuri Hino
54. Faeries' Landing vol. 1 by You Hyung
55. Faeries' Landing vol 2 by You Hyung
56. After School Nightmare vol. 1 by Setona Mizushiro
57. After School Nightmare vol. 2 by Setona Mizushiro
58. After School Nightmare vol. 3 by Setona Mizushiro
59. After School Nightmare vol. 4 by Setona Mizushiro
60. After School Nightmare vol. 5 by Setona Mizushiro
61. After School Nightmare vol. 6 by Setona Mizushiro
62. After School Nightmare vol. 7 by Setona Mizushiro
63. After School Nightmare vol. 8 by Setona Mizushiro
64. Mouse Guard Volume 2: Winter 1152 by David Peterson
65. Black Bird Vol. 1 by Kanoko Sakurakoji
66. Black Bird Vol. 2 by Kanoko Sakurakoji
67. Calamity Jack by Shannon Hale
68. The Gunwitch: Outskirts of Doom by Dan Brereton, Ted Naifeh
69. Zoey Zeta and The Sisters of Power, Family Secrets by by Robert Simon, Tomomi Sarafov
70. Tokyo Mew Mew, Volume 1 by Mia Ikumi
71. Castle Waiting vol. 2 by Linda Medley
72. Beyond the Beyond Volume 1 by Yoshitomo Watanabe
73. Jack of Fables: The Big Book of War by Bill Willingham


  1. I've never really gotten into graphic novels before, but I hope you enjoy doing this challenge.

  2. I enjoy graphic novels as well but I do not feel up to trying a challenge at this time. Just have too much on my plate.

  3. I'd love to play but I don't have nearly enough Graphic Novel lying around at the moment. Maybe Santa will bring me some?

  4. Good luck. I think that Graphic novels can be a nice break from reading what could be considered a "typical" full length novel.

  5. I've been wanting to maybe get into graphic novels, but, I dont know

  6. I've been wanting to read more graphic novels - maybe a challenge is what I need. Thanks for the info!

  7. Great stuff, graphic novels are quite good for a change of pace. Good luck with your challenge.


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