Thursday, December 10, 2009

Link a Contest Thursday

Yay for Thursdays! Hope you have some great contests to share! Check out the Birthday Bash if you haven't yet!!

Okay, and I am announcing a random contest RIGHT NOW! Design me a nice button for this meme and if I pick yours you will win some books! You guys know what I generally read. It'll be the leftovers from the Birthday Bash, so... start getting those gears thinking. Deadline is December 30th at 11:59 pm CST!

Email me a .jpg of the image at dragonzgoil at gmail dot com . :)

Rules (or at least STRONG suggestions):
1. Name the item being given away (instead of the blog name)
2. Give the end date in () after the name
3. Make sure to link DIRECTLY to that contest post - if you don't know how to do this - just click on the title of the contest blog and it will give a direct URL you can use.
4. If you want to post a contest you've found, make sure it isn't already posted.


  1. I j ust LOVE these, every week. Thanks so much. :) And by the way, I'm loving all your birthday giveaways. They are so great!

  2. THANKYOU so much for having this feature on your blog!!

  3. I love this meme and I have a contest this time :)
    Oh man - I wish I knew how to make blog buttons :)
    Happy Thursday!

  4. I love this feature it's really good to find new contests and to advertise my own.

  5. Thanks for all of the linked contests! I love this feature/meme.

  6. Thanks for listing this every week.

  7. Thanks, like I said before I just love this feature of yours.

  8. Ooh! I look forward to this every week.

  9. This is such a great feature to have. It helps when the smaller blogs are holding contests (I am) and we can advertise it on a blog with more followers.


  10. This is quite the list! Thanks!

  11. Boo I'm sorry I didn't do this again. :( I love this meme.

  12. I love this post and can't wait to start entering some contests. Maybe I'll actually win. (I really do believe some people just have lucky vibes. So I'm trying to borrow my brother's and send them out.)


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