Friday, January 8, 2010

Fashion Kitty and the Unlikely Hero (Graphic Novel)

Fashion Kitty and the Unlikely Hero
by Charise Mericle Harper

Kiki has a super hero identity - Fashion Kitty! She can fly and knows whenever there is a serious fashion crisis. When her school decides to have students wear school uniforms, Kiki isn't sure what to do. It isn't a fashion emergency so Fashion Kitty doesn't emerge, but nobody is happy with the new uniforms. How can Kiki save the school from this horrible change?

This graphic novel was cute and entertaining. I love Kiki's positive interactions with her family and schoolmates. Her family is understanding about her superhero powers and support her through all of her activities. The story is pretty basic and a fun one at that - which will make these graphic novels easier for younger kids to read. The style of the illustrations remind me a little bit of Babymouse, only with full colors. Overall, something I would like to see in my own school library.

Recommended for 2nd Grade and up.

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  1. Sounds like a cute book! Great review :)

  2. by ultra do you mean ulta? no, they dont sell mac though:/ only department stores, mac stores, and the mac website sell it. i personally like saint germain better though.. i would try it on at the store first, because i think its a hard to pull off, so you might just wanna be sure you really like it first

  3. I'm really enjoying seeing all your reviews of the books we read for the Cybils GN nominees! I wasn't too taken with this one at the time with my judging hat on but I agree it's an easy bit of fun little girls will especially like.


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