Monday, January 18, 2010

Girl in the Arena

Girl in the Arena
by Lise Haines

Lyn is the daughter of a woman who has now married 7 gladiators - a sport that has come back to life in the modern age yet is still a fight to the death. When Lyn gives her dowry bracelet to her 7th and favorite father as he goes in to one of his last contracted fights, her father is defeated and his killer picks up her dowry bracelet. By law, she is now supposed to marry the man - but how could she marry her father's killer? Since her mother cannot marry anymore, Lyn has to make a decision that is right for her, her mother, and her little brother who has strange prophecies and generally does not seem in touch with reality.

I have to say, I really liked this novel. I didn't have many expectations as to what it would be, so I really just sort of jumped into the plot. I love Lyn's spirit, the way that she knows she can't run away from her problems but that she also can't settle for becoming something she's not. Part-way through the book Lyn decides that she need to fight for her family and not just give in to the laws. The problem is, she starts to like her father's killer - a young man named Uber. It's not love, but she considers that if she met him in any other way she would've liked him instantly. He's a little slow-witted, but very much speaks from the heart.

Also vying for her attention is her friend Mark - a guy who really does want to be a gladiator, despite all the negatives about it and is willing to help her with what she need to do - fight Uber to the death.

Overall, I loved the idea of this society - a corporation taking over a sport that resonated in ancient times and then creating their own niche in society with anyone involved. I liked the style of the book, which was a bit different using - instead of " when people are talking and the writing is just great.

I would've liked a little bit more action, but for the plot line - the small amount it had really worked.

4/5 Roses

It didn't WOW me, but it was pretty darn good.

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  1. I've heard some mixed reviews on this book, still undecided, but this was a good review. I guess what I'm on the fence about is that it really isn't about a girl in the arena right?

    Thanks for the review.

  2. I just picked this up from the library last week. I've been wanting to read it for ages now! I can't wait to get to it.

  3. The storyline sounds good. Not to sound smutty (too late!) but is there any romance or do they just hint at possible affectionate feelings?

  4. Hmm, wasnt too big a fan of this one, but love your review!

  5. I like the different concept of this book. I'm going to add it to my TBR list and hopefully get around to it soon.

  6. Hi Patti!

    It's more of just a hint, no real romance.

  7. I'm going to try this one one of these days. Great review.

  8. This book has been on my wishlist for a while. I'm glad you liked it :)

  9. I am so glad you liked this one. I absolutely loved it and have been sad it hasn't gotten as much love as I'd hoped it would. Like you said, Lyn has spirit and drive and she doesn't ever make the easy choice. Or the cliche one. Which is so refreshing.

  10. I've read some mixed reviews as well, (mostly those that compare it to The Hunger Games) but I have to say that the premise sounds really interesting. Definitely sounds like something I want to check out in the very near future. Thanks for your review!


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