Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Monday, What are you Reading?

J.Kaye hosts this wonderful meme.

Read this past week:
Island Sting by Bonnie J. Doerr
Going Bovine by Libba Bray
The White Giraffe by Lauren St. John
The Elsewhere Chronicles: The Shadow Door by Nykko

Currently Reading:
Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert
Captivate by Carrie Jones
Freaksville by Kitty Keswick
Meridian by Amber Kizer


Quick Update:

  • Things are getting a little crazy. I'm going to be teaching some parent night classes and so twice a week I won't get home until after 8 pm. So I apologize in advance if I don't answer emails right away.
  • Also, I will be picking winners for my two contests that ended Friday sometime this week, so look out for that.
  • Kate and I will be emailing partners for our Mentor program this week. :)


  1. Reading Gringolandia, by Lyn Miller-Lachmann...

    Have a good week,


  2. I've heard a lot of positive thing about Going Bovine, so I hope you enjoyed it last week =)

    Hoping that despite the upcoming craziness, this week will still end up fun for you.

    Happy new week and happy reading!

  3. hi Kristen,

    1st off all, i want to tell you that i like your blog like other bookish blogs where i look out for new/good reads as i'm a novice *wink*.. =p and your blog rocks!

    and happy Monday!

  4. My "Its Monday! What are you reading?" is here

    Good luck with your night classes, I hope that they go well, and Im looking forward to the mentoring program.

  5. It looks as though you had an excellent week. Best of luck as you begin teaching evening classes and happy reading. My Monday can be found here:

  6. We listened to the audio version of The White Giraffe on vacation a few years ago with our sons. It was very good - we also enjoyed the follow-up novel, Dolphin Song.


  7. Oh, these do sound wonderful!

    Mine are here:

  8. You know - I really like this meme :) I might try it out for myself next week.
    Have fun teaching!

  9. I absolutely loved The White Giraffe. I know how you feel. I teach all day then do classes after school Monday - Friday until 6 and Saturdays 9 - 11.

  10. Wow, so many good books! I have most of them on my TBR list. Hope you're enjoying them all and I also hope you still have time for yourself!


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