Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Author Safari Winner (3)

Last week we had a new author on Kate's and my new bi-weekly event where we explore the habitat of a newer or less-known author. We find one picture, give two clues and then send you out on the hunt. Last week's author was Kristin Walker. Check out her debut novel A Match Made in High School.

Now, last week we gave two clues:
Clue #1: Spread my wings, ready to fly off the page.
Clue #2: A doodle that could very well take flight.

The Prize:
I'm giving away my signed ARC of Kristin's novel A Match Made in High School along with some cool swag.

The Image:
There was a few images meeting our clues, the one we first picked out was the bird on Kristin's bio page. There's also a paper airplane on her contact page and a butterfly on her main page.

The Winner!
See Kate's blog (The Neverending Shelf) for the actual winner and an interview with Kristin herself! :)

Read my review of A Match Made in High School as well!


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