Monday, March 8, 2010

It's Monday, What are you Reading?

This fantastic meme is now hosted by Sheila at One Person's Journey Through a World of Books.

Read this past week:
The Heart is Not a Size by Beth Kephart (review coming!)
Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident by Eoin Colfer
Binky the Space Cat by Ashley Spires
Luke on the Loose by Harry Bliss
The 323 Detective Agency: The Disappearance of Dave Warthog by Fiona Robinson
The Secret Science Alliance and the Copy Cat Crook by Eleanor Davis

Currently Reading:
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brasharas
All Shook Up by Shelley Pearsall
Alex Van Helsing by Jason Henderson
Hearts At Stake by Alyx Harvey

The Alchemyst by Michael Scott
Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
White Cat by Holly Black

Affiliate News!

Jenn @ Book Crazy reviewed The Line by Teri Hall, I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It by Adam Selzer, The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting, Far From You by Lisa Schroeder, and Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers.

Natalie @ Mindful Musings reviewed Blood Price (Blood Books #1) by Tanya Huff, Catching Fire (Hunger Games #2) by Suzanne Collins, All Together Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #7) by Charlaine Harris and From Dead to Worse (Sookie Stackhouse #8) by Charlaine Harris. Also, Natalie interviewed Author Claudia Gray.

Kate @ The Neverending Shelf started off the week right by wrapping up the month of February in her Retrospect post. She is also hosting a cool challenge leading up to the end of may called Clearing Away the Clutter where we try to push through our TBR books. Kate is also having a Claudia Gray week - which includes an author interview, review of Evernight, Stargazer, and Hourglass. She also gave her first Shelf Report - a combo of IMM and What are you Reading Mondays basically. Viva La Revolution!!!!

Eleni @ La Femme Readers posed the question What type of YA Genre do you enjoy? to start off the week. Eleni reviewed Swoon at Your Own Risk by Sydney Salter, Tagged by Mara Purnhagen, and Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu. Also, she announced her contest for an ARC of Siren by Tricia Rayburn (Ends March 30th).

WilowRaven @ Red House Books started off the week sharing how much she read in February. Then, she had an awesome interview with Saundra Mitchell and a started a contest for her book Shadowed Summer (Ends March 26th). WilowRaven also reviewed The Iron King by Julie Kagawa and Meridian by Amber Kizer.

I will have my last affiliates announces this week - I swear it. :)


  • On Thursday, I met up with Erica from The Book Cellar and we went to a pizza party with Alyx Harvey and Carrie Jones - which was awesome. Not only the authors, but the free food was pretty darn cool. I have pictures below.
  • I announced my latest contest for 3 copies of Numbers by Rachel Ward - ends Friday, March 19th at 11:59 CST.
  • I also posted up my February in Review post.
  • Otherwise, same old story... busy busy busy. Want proof? Look at my Book Event Calendar to see why..

Alyx Harvey and Me. :-D

Carrie Jones and me :)


  1. White Cat is in my TBR pile and I hope to get to it shortly.

  2. I have been meaning to read Hearts at Stake. Hope you have a good week!

  3. Looks like you had a really great reading week! Enjoy the books you have coming up - The Alchemyst looks good :)

  4. we dont have heart at stake at my area now..hope to read your review soon!

    here's mine;

    happy reading!

  5. Lots of title with cats in them interesting. You are realy one busy lady. Wish I could read that many books in one week. Oh well spring break is almost here. Then I have a whole week to devote to my reading.

  6. I havent any of your pile but my pile is also increasing! Have an interesting week.

  7. I heard that Heart at Stake is a funny read. It is on my few yards long wishlist and I don't know when I 'll ever get a chance to read it, meh! But nonetheless, I know I'll be waiting for your review on the book. Hope you enjoy your reads for this week! Happy... weekdays ;)

  8. Sisters Red looks really good. I hadn't heard of Alex Van Helsing, but it looks good as well. The title reminds me a little of a short story by Joe Hill called Abraham's Boys. It was good, but not YA and uber-creepy. Enjoy your books!

    Mine is at The Introverted Reader

  9. Yay Artemis Fowl!! Yay! /fangirling
    Also I feel like you get to meet every author ever. I'm so jealous, ha ha.

    Oh and I love the idea of the Shelf report. Maybe I should do something similar, since I want to cut down on memes and bring up the content. :-)

  10. You had a brilliant week and I adore seeing the photographs, thank you for sharing them. Have a lovely week filled with reading goodness.

  11. The Heart is Not a Size looks great!

    Here's my week:

  12. I am reading Hearts at Stake this week too! The Heart is Not a Size looks good. I enjoyed The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and The Alchemyst. Have fun reading all your books!

    Here is what I'm reading.

  13. I can't wait for your review of The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants. :]
    Carrie Jones is so cute! :D

  14. Looks like you had a fun week! I loved The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Hearts at Stake looks interesting.

    Have a great reading week!

  15. Some great sounding books you have there! Here's my It's Monday:

  16. You have a good selection for this week! Hope you enjoy your week...

  17. You always have such the fabulous booky week. I need to get out more and try to convince more authors to come here!

  18. I've tried the Artimis Fowl books several times and just can't get into them.

    I also got White Cas to read!

  19. Whoa, you got through a lot this past week! Hope you enjoy your selections for this week!

    from Une Parole

  20. Looks like you had a great week! You've got some fab books coming up too - I hope you enjoy them all :o)

  21. What a fun post! I love your affiliate news and the meet up looks fun!

    Lots of books read last week too! Wow!

  22. I have to say how jealous I am of you. You meet up with so many great authors! Thanks for sharing!!

  23. I have Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sitting on my night stand right now. Can't wait to read your review. Have you seen the movie?


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