Tuesday, April 6, 2010

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Again, I am copying Kate over at The Neverending Shelf in these Book Views. Basically, I give you a picture, the summary and a review (in less than 75 words).

Summary (via Goodreads):
Meet Frankie Pickle...the kid with the world's most amazing imagination!

It takes him on adventures. It helps him save the day. And sometimes it gets him into trouble.

When Frankie's mom says he never has to clean his room again, he goes hog wild. The more he plays, the bigger the mess grows, until it tumbles out ofcontrol! Now Frankie must clean up his act, but will his imagination be enough to conquer the CLOSET OF DOOM?

Review: Hilarious tale of a boy who is allowed to NOT clean his room. Let's just say that the results are out of this world. This book had some great graphics and was a part graphic novel, part chapter book.

Final Verdict: Hilarious and fantastical. Recommended for 3rd grade and up.

Crogan's Vengeance
by Chris Schweizer

Summary (via Goodreads): The debut volume in an ongoing series of historical adventures focusing on the various branches of the fictional Crogan Family Tree. In Crogan's Vengeance, "Catfoot" Crogan is an able-bodied mariner plying his trade for a dastardly "legitimate" captain with a grudge against Crogan for a slight committed well before he was born. But when his ship is taken by pirates, will Crogan stay loyal to his law-abiding, if despicable, captain or will he find a new life on the high seas living by the "Pirate's Code"?

Review: Black and white graphic novel about how one boy's ancestor first became a pirate. Funny and full of adventure. You just have to love anything dealing with pirates.

Final Verdict: Definitely geared towards 8th grade students and up.

Summary (via Goodreads): What will Benny and Penny find when they cross the line in The Big No-No? Benny's favorite pail is missing, and there are mysterious muddy footprints. In this charming whodunit, Benny and his little sister Penny team-up to investigate, braving the dangers of the new neighbor's yard, and finding something unexpected on the other side of the fence.

Review: A very cute, lower-level graphic novel about learning what is right and wrong. Adorable graphics and an easy to follow story-line for younger readers.

Final Verdict: Perfect for 1st through 3rd grade.

Summary (via Goodreads): Uncle Aloysius takes Courtney to Romania, where she encounters a tribe of nomadic gypsies with a dark secret, and a young woman in danger of losing her heart, or worse, her humanity, to a handsome gypsy violinist. Can Courtney save her? Should she even bother? After all, this is Courtney Crumrin we're talking about.

Review: Another gorgeous graphic novel by Ted Naifeh. This one takes Courtney on a new adventure involving werewolves and vampires. I just love Courtney's character - so young yet so full of cynicism and jadedness.

Final Verdict: Definitely for 6th grade and up.

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  1. I like this format. it definitely lends itself to the graphic novels.


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