Saturday, April 17, 2010

National Library Week - Loving being a Librarian

Today I have yet ANOTHER awesome blogger and librarian - you guys so far are really rockin' librarians. Sarah runs a fantastic blog called GreenBeanTeenQueen and is a Tween and Teen Librarian at a public library.

And here is a bit about how she became a librarian and why she loves it so much!

If you met me today, especially in the library, you would probably not believe me when I said that I used to be painfully and awkwardly shy. I walk up to strangers in the library, talk to people every day, and I’m very energetic and outgoing. But as a kid, I couldn’t bring myself to talk to people. I talked to my family, but that was about it. I was actually loud and outgoing at home, but get me in public and there was no way I was going to say anything. I remember having to psych myself up before I approached kids in my class just to say hi.

So I read a lot as a child. I am very lucky to have grown up in a home of booklovers and my parents took me on weekly (sometimes daily) library trips. I would come home with my arms full of books and I would read. I even played library and would check out my books to my stuffed animals.

Books helped me so much during those years. My imagination grew with the help of Anne Shirley. I saved pigs with Fern, lived in a little house with Laura, and ran away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art with Claudia and Jamie. Meg Murray helped me see that I could be shy and have a temper, but I could also be strong-and Calvin liked her, so maybe someday a boy would like me!

All I ever wanted when I visited the library was for a librarian to say “oh, that’s a great book!” or “have you read this one”-but I was way too shy to ask. I remember how important books were to me growing up and how I wanted to find other readers. That’s one reason I love working in the library now-I’m surrounded by readers every day! I also remember how hard it was for me to ask for help, so I make sure I say hi to every teen that walks into my department. Some teens want suggestions, some are fine browsing on their own. But letting them know I’m there and that I love to talk books is what makes my job so great. I love when teens tell me about books they’ve been reading and I can tell them about books I’ve read. I love finding books for readers and matching them with the perfect book. I love sharing books so much, that I have to stop myself from asking everyone I see with a book even outside the library what they’re reading!

There is no better question to ask a librarian than “can you recommend a good book” so celebrate National Library Week by visiting your library and talking about good books. And maybe you’ll come across a shy reader who just wanted to know someone else loved books as much as they do.

I hope you guys get a chance to stop by a library some time this week. I know I'll be stopping in for some books in the next few days.

Thank you Sarah for stopping by and sharing more about the awesomeness that is libraries and librarians!

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  1. It's so true...shy kids are often the best readers. I always try to engage the students in conversation about books, no matter how basic the questions I ask. The goal is to get them talking and thinking about their reading preferences. Great job Sarah!

  2. I was that shy kid too! I would read piles of books and jump into fantasy worlds but I did not share that with anyone for fear of sounding strange. I am happy that my mother was encouraging and she created the foundation for a life of loving to read!

  3. I was never a shy child, but I did run a library out of my bedroom! I even made little cards for each book and would "stamp" them with a real stamper (from my mother's office). I could never understanding why droves of children weren't standing outside my front door waiting to get in my room and check out books! Maybe this experience took my attention away from the library sciences for good, but there's still time! I would love to go back to school to learn more about this exciting field. Thanks for sharing your passion!

  4. I was the kid who flipped the pages for the librarian. LOL! I think its wonderful you read with them. Children need the interaction to keep them interested in what they are learning or reading.

    Great job!

  5. Thanks for hosting me Kristen!:)

    I'm so glad there were other shy readers out there. My favorite part of being a librarian is connecting readers with books and I love when they come back and say "that book was so good-what else do you have?"

  6. I was (and to a certain extent still am) the shy one. I love that you took that desire to talk to a librarian became the one who talks! I am still hoping to get into a public library so I can connect people who are excited about reading with books they'll love (whereas right now, I connect disgruntled students with information they don't really want :)

  7. Great post! You sound a lot like me as a kid too. And today, I too marvel that I go up to people and ask if they need assistance, that I do public presentations (willingly!) and that I love interacting with so many people. That's the power of libraries and words I think.

  8. Aww, you can really see how passionate she is about her job! This post made me smile :) I too was painfully shy growing up, yet loud (probably overbearingly so) at home around family. I loved my primary school librarian because she really got involved with us and making the library such a fun place to be. If anything, she helped spur my love of reading.

    Librarians ROCK.


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