Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Radiant Shadows (Traveling to Teens Tour)

Radiant Shadows
by Melissa Marr

Summary (via Goodreads):

Hunger for nourishment.

Hunger for touch.

Hunger to belong.

Half-human and half-faery, Ani is driven by her hungers.
Those same appetites also attract powerful enemies and uncertain allies, including Devlin. He was created as an assassin and is brother to the faeries’ coolly logical High Queen and to her chaotic twin, the embodiment of War. Devlin wants to keep Ani safe from his sisters, knowing that if he fails, he will be the instrument of Ani’s death.

Ani isn’t one to be guarded while others fight battles for her, though. She has the courage to protect herself and the ability to alter Devlin’s plans—and his life. The two are drawn together, each with reason to fear the other and to fear for one another. But as they grow closer, a larger threat imperils the whole of Faerie. Will saving the faery realm mean losing each other?

I swear that Melissa's books just seem to be getting more and more awesome. I like how this series focuses on different characters while still involving the characters we've grown attached to. Ani is a unique character in that she is both human and faerie and must figure out how she fits into both worlds. She's driven by her nature but still has human morality to keep her in check.

Devlin is such an interesting character as well. He finds himself attached to someone at long last and the order he has so long upheld is at risk because of her and his emotions. Being part order and part chaos, he has to find a way to use both sides to keep Ani safe and by his side. Up until now, he had been the emotionless assassin for the High Court and now he must figure out what is right for him and for Faerie.

Marr balances her books with characters that almost have opposite problems, creating this fantastic character growth - most of which is rarely seen. She forces change into her character while still remaining true to themselves. I love the world Marr has set up and cannot wait for the next and final book. Every book could be read alone, but as the collective it really builds such an understanding of her world of Faerie and the way it interacts with the human world. I could get lost in her books over and over again.

5/5 Roses

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