Friday, April 9, 2010

Readathon Activity #4: Clear Out the Pack Rat Mentality (and TBR)

This awesome activity is brought to you from Teens Read and Write.

Basically, they want us to answer some questions about our TBR and see if we can clear some out. As I said in my IMM last week, I bought a new bookshelf because I was running out of space. This is now the home of some serious TBR books that I want to read asap.

So, my answers:

1.) Is there at least one book on your growing TBR that has been there forever and (if you were honest) you could give up without to much trauma?

I actually found 12.. all from ALA. Most I can get at the library and they are all published so no worries there. I gave two away on twitter and the rest will go in my June blogoversary giveaway OR my 900 follower (whenever that happens) contest.

2.) What is your latest "Gotta Have It" book? (that you can get once you've given up that one in question #1)

Well my husband just found a book for me at Borders that if I had seen it online - it would've been a must have. So, I bought it knowing I had just gotten rid of 12!

Fever Crumb by Philip Reeve

3.) What are your classics - you're 'comfort books' that you never want to give up?

The Hunger Games Trilogy, His Dark Materials Trilogy, anything by Tamora Pierce, Charles DeLint, and Francesca Lia Block.

4.) What are your best tips for keeping that TBR in check?

I don't have any.. lol. Um - don't go to ALA? Or BEA.. or bookstores. Yes, I was doing GREAT when I just went to the library and never bought books.. oh yeah and then I started blogging... okay - so here's the key - don't start blogging! I developed this must buy books craving seeing all the cool books everyone else had... so, quit while your still ahead! (just kidding.. love blogging but I do need to get back to library only...).

Only buy a book if you've read it and loved it from the library!


  1. While packing up my books to get our house ready to sell I realized I had books for years and still haven't read them. I really should have got rid of them but couldn't bring myself to do it.

    On the other hand can you believe I haven't been inside Borders since maybe January?! I never thought it would be possible but it's amazing what having no money will do to book buying vs library book borrowing :)

  2. I agree with you about starting blogging, then wanting all the latest books. I did that until I got poor, then I restrained myself and made myself wait a couple months cuz my library usually got it. Just takes some self control, I learned :P

    great post :)

  3. I have way too many books in my tbr pile, and I keep wanting more, because I see all the shiny new covers and read some of the reviews on blogs.....

    Oh well. Every summer I'm broke as hell, so at least I have books to read saved up!

  4. Wow, you got rid of 12? Nice job! Great picks for you 'classics.' And now I know to stay away from ALA. Haven't heard of Fever Crumb - interesting title. I'll check it out!


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