Saturday, April 10, 2010

Readathon Gameplan!

So I'm a bit behind this morning already! I was going to do this last night, but thought I should try to get to bed before midnight for my 7 am wake up call. Only I slept in!!! Gah!

So, here's my basic gameplan.

Eating every 2-4 hours per my Game On Diet.
Lots of tea and some coffee

Radiant Shadows by Melissa Marr
Dark Life by Kat Falls
Everything Sucks by Hannah Friedman
Numbers by Rachel Ward
and a few graphic novels... :)


  1. I've heard wonderful things about Dark Life and want to read it too! I woke up late and didn't get started till 9 my time. Oh well! Have fun reading!

  2. Don't worry! I woke up late too! Go graphic novels!

  3. Your game plan rocks!

    It also sounds pretty similar to mine :)

    I've got food, laptop, books, and comfy sitting environment. Oh and loads of books to choose from!

    Good luck


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