Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Spotlight Review - The Night Runner

Night Runner by Max Turner
Reviewed by: Girls in the Stacks

Err, I thought I was on a diet. (If you read my reviews you will know what I mean!)

In Night Runner we are introduced to Daniel Zachariah Thomson. Both parents dead, no relations and has lived the past 8 years in a mental ward because of his strange allergies. The only people that seemed to care for him was Nurse Ophelia and his childhood best friend Charlie who visited once a week. Doesn’t it just break your heart?

Then one fateful night, his whole world comes crashing down. From that night on he is on a whirlwind of self-discovery and survival. Several firsts happen to Zack in the few short days after his escape from Nicholls Ward. He experiences driving, swimming, being chased by the police (and other things), betrayal and something that is on the verge of being in love.

This book was pretty good, though I thought it strange that Daniel seemed content living his semi-solitary life at the ward. He had no friends (besides Charlie), never been to school, was allergic to the sun and almost all foods and was given twice a day “brain cocktails.” What kind of life is that? Then when he did escape he was on the run constantly, not sure where he was going next and no one to look after him. Honestly, my heart bled for Zack most of the book. In the end, the book is about choices, forgiveness and redemption.

Random thought: Turner does a fantastic job naming his characters in relation to their character traits. Look up their meanings and you will know what I mean, of course after you read the book.

Yes, there will be a sequel and will be available September 2010.

The girls gave it: 3.5 stacks!


  1. This sounds interesting! If I saw this book in a library, I would borrow it and read it, but I wouldn't buy it. Still, 3.5 stacks is a pretty decent rating! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for a great review!

  3. I have this book in my TBR pile. It does sound interesting.

  4. This sounds so interesting! Dying to read it.

  5. Cute review! The book sounds really interesting.

  6. One of my teens read and reviewed this for my library's Teens Read blog, and loved it. I will have to let him know that there is a sequel. (in case you can't tell I am catching up on my blogs today, lol)


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