Friday, June 11, 2010

Bloggiesta III Ole!

Alright, I am TOTALLY pumped for Bloggiesta! I have been fortunate to partake in Bloggiesta the other two times it has gone on and have gotten so much done!

During Bloggiesta I, I completed 14 hours of blog work!
During Bloggiesta II, I completed 29 hours of blog work!

So, I'm upping the ante again. I am making it my goal to work on my blog for 50 hours! I know, I'm totally insane, but that's why you love me eh?

I've told my husband, made sure he bought a new cool video game, and bought a lot of easy prep food for the next three days. I've cleaned and prepped and hopefully I can just be glued to my computer. I've got some Pandora stations ready to go and I'm super pumped!!! (and on a lot of caffeine...)

So, what am I wanting to get done?

  • Organize books on Goodreads, use my laptop and get every book I own on there and in the right category
  • Organize bookshelves in real life
  • Review posts - books and CSN bookshelf
  • Set up future review posts
  • Set up memes in advance
  • Update Blogger Spotlight list
  • Update Review List
  • Update Author Interview List
  • Update TBR slideshow (maybe make a few back ups while I'm there...)
  • Update links for In Review Posts
  • Write back up posts and future guest posts (Unicorn post - Gillian Summers' series - for April)
  • Catch up on Blogoversary posts (and google docs for them)
  • Swagbucks post(s)
  • Pages - definitely one for Blog Affiliates and a few more.. not sure what yet.
  • Review book Spreadsheet
  • Update Tour Books Spreadsheet
  • Blogger Spotlights - set up and find new blood!
  • Put reviews on Amazon/Barnes and Noble and Goodreads (if haven't)
  • Mini Challenges
  • Go through emails and organize/respond
  • Set up intro post for Readathon
  • Do Meme posts in advance - rethink the way I do WoW posts...
  • Make a monthly post schedule or some sort of schedule to keep me on track...
  • Go through Google Reader Starred items
  • Enter blog contests
I totally can get all that done in 50 hours.. totally! Yes, I'm being an optimist here.

So, I hope to get so much done that during The HUGE TBR Readathon next week I will literally just read all week long.

Wish me luck!!!


  1. Wow, that is a big list. Good luck!

  2. Oh Kristen, 50 hours is amazing! I'll be here cheering you on!! Good luck!

  3. That was me hitting the enter button too fast.

  4. A very best of luck Kristen!

  5. Wow, I totally wish I could do that lol. So many things I have are completely unorganized. Good luck!!

  6. Good luck with your bloggiesta I hope you get everything done!

  7. Oh wow, that list amazes me. Good luck!

  8. I am totally pumped to get a lot of work accomplished during this Bloggiesta. Hope you make your goal of 50 hours which will be amazing.

  9. Luck! I have much to do myself

  10. How cool that you're a participant from the 1st hour! I've joined the party for the 2nd time; January was my 1st.

    You've got a huge list -- and an amazing amount of time set aside! I hope you make it!

    Just curious though... what are Pandora stations?

  11. Wow. Those are some pretty big goals. Best of luck!

  12. wow, 50 hours?! Good luck! :D

  13. Oh how I wish I had 50 hours to devote to the bloggiesta! :(
    Best of luck to you, though! :)

  14. Can't wait to get home from work and get started!

  15. Um, wow. 50 hours totally blows my tiny and ridiculous attempts out of the water. Ah, well. It's one of those weekends.

  16. wow good luck...great goals...hope ya get em all worked through :)

  17. 50 hours is amazing!

    I like the prep work of getting your husband a cool video game. When I realized that this coincides with a visit from our 16 nephew, who will spend the weekend playing video games with my husband, I knew I could definitely participate!


  18. haha! your post made me laugh! i love the enthusiasm, you have a lot to get on with, good luck girl!


  19. Good Luck this weekend!!

  20. Wow that's a huge list but I'm excited for you. Those are the kinds of things that I love to do but sometimes fall behind on. Good luck to you!

  21. That to do list overwhelms me and it's not even my list! Good luck with everything and remember: if you don't finish it all it's ok. The blog and its needs will still be there after this weekend

  22. I hope you reach your goal! I'm only shooting for 8 hours, but it's better than nothing!

  23. Thank you for your ideas for blog posts, and thank you for visiting my blog!

    You have quite a few goals for Bloggiesta. Do you have a post about your spreadsheet system you talked about for your Review and Tour Books? I'm curious about that!

  24. Great goals. Hope you get them all done!

  25. Hope you do good. Lots of things on your list.

  26. Good luck with your goals this weekend - looks like you have put a lot of thought into your list!

  27. Wow you really rock the Bloggiesta :D Excellent list btw. Good luck!!!

  28. You did 48 hours, which is really great! I didn't join because... oh well. I think when I saw I didn't think I could do it.

  29. I'm reading the posts backward to catch up (it's been a hectic weekend) and it's incredible to me that you had so much planned for Bloggiesta and that you were able to accomplish so much. Guess you didn't need luck, your hard work paid off!

  30. I like your enthusiasm and goal setting, shoot for the stars or 50 hours and you just might get there.



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