Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bloggiesta Update 2

So today, I put in even MORE time. God, I'm tired. I feel like my list isn't as long as it was yesterday, but I think I am moving slower... Ugh to tiredness!

Start time: 7:30 am
End time: 1:30 am
Hours: 18 hours - 1 hour (shower, eating, breaks, etc) = 17 hours Today!

Total Hours: 33 hours!


  • Updated Reading From My Shelf Project - which I had been neglecting until I had an actual contest going on.
  • Finished all of my Goodreads project. All books that I own and have read are marked Own-It, all books I own that I haven't read are marked TBR-own and here's the numbers: Own-It: 253 TBR-own: 392 That's 645 books that are mine... wow!
  • I still have to finish working on my bookshelves in the living room, but the two in the bedroom are done! (Pictures below)
  • Cleared out all my starred items except for 13 I wanted to keep for reference.. :) I started with over 350 so, quite the feat.
  • Made a Weekly Checklist for my blog in Google Docs.
  • Scheduled 2 Blogoversary Giveaway posts, 2 guest posts, 1 review post, 1 author interview post - so 6 posts total!
  • On top of that, I have 3.5 reviews handwritten and waiting to get typed up.
  • I also, went through my first 50 or so emails, replied to some review requests, authors and other people.
  • Also, I found time to get a pic of myself for Natasha's Mini-Challenge. :) You'll see it tomorrow (I mean today.. it is 1:30 am here.. seriously...).
  • Oh... and... I entered some contests - found a bunch of actual recent ones while going through Google Reader.

Bookshelf 1 (closeups)

Is that space? Unbelievable...

Bookshelf 2 (closeups)

Tomorrow (aka today, after I sleep...), I will work on posts and I've added two new bullet points for tomorrow:

  • Write a contest policy
  • Write a privacy policy


  1. Wow..I'm loving it!Cool books there I gather ;p

  2. Wow, you have done SO much!!! I'm jealous of the space on the book shelves. I can only achieve that by buying a new book case (which I really need and want to do).

    Good luck with the rest of Bloggiesta.

  3. Wow you've been getting heaps done! Thats pretty awesome.

  4. You have got soo much done. Great job! You've almost made it to your 50 hour goal. Good luck!

  5. Book cases look organized to me. Since I just found your site, and you mentioned entering giveaways, I have one starting today and ending on 6/20. Hosting a giveaway from Doubleday..."Damaged" by Alex Kava, featuring FBI Profiler Maggie O'Dell. You can enter here.

  6. Great job with your book cases they look sharp. You really got a whole lot accomplished. I am still working on review and just can't seem to get through them. Looks like you may make those 50 hours! Good luck with day 3

  7. Wow...33 hours and 645 books...that's incredible! I like your weekly checklist idea in Google Docs. Sounds like a good way to stay organized.

  8. Shelf space! How awesome is that! You've put in an incredible amount of time during Bloggiesta. You've done awesome Kristen!

  9. Shelf space is so great!! lol. Right now I would just love to get some bookshelves. I keep my books in cabinets :( You have so many books!!! I hope to have a collection like that someday. Congrats on all you got accomplished!

  10. Where did you get your bookcases they are beautiful! Also great job on all that you accomplished!

  11. haha, i dont envy your tbr pile :P great job at bloggiesta tho!

  12. I love your shelves - serious book-candy there <3 Good job! Just reading about how much you've been doing makes me tired, LOL :D

  13. *shiny eyes* wow so many books.

  14. I love, love getting a peek at other peoples bookshelves. Of course they look very organized so good job but really I just enjoy eyeballing your book collection.

  15. .. I have two half bookshelves. That's ALL! I need to remedy this and my goal for 2011 is actually to invest in some nice bookshelves.

  16. So many books but congratulations of the space you created.



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