Friday, July 2, 2010

CSN Bookshelf Review

So, a while back I received a bookshelf for review from CSN Stores. I've worked with them before and this time I figured I'd let my husband pick something for some of his books.. I know.. he has books

So, I ordered this sleek looking black one. Here's a picture of it halfway made. It was hard to follow the directions because there's basically three steps. The first two were easy to follow and then the third was basically "okay, put the rest together, with just a visual". I only knicked it .. a few times.. and it's not um noticable?

And here is how it turned out!

Yes, only the middle shelf contains Chris' books right now, the bottom shelf holds most of my graphic novel collection and on the top are my books that are awaiting winners for my Blogoversary contests.

I do love their products, but be weary of the directions. I suggest if you have a handyman in your family to enlist them. Overall, I'm really happy with it and it's really gorgeous and sturdy.


  1. Looks awesome. I like how it looks structurally, with the curve and such. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That sucks that the instructions were a bit lacking, but I'm glad you guys got it all set up! It looks great =)

  3. I like it. The bookshelf looks really modern. Everything looks really neat and organized

  4. I have put so many bookcases together over the years, and I always have trouble with them. Invariably, I always manage to end up having to undo one step because I did it backwards. Hate that(especially when I am at the end).

    Looks like you managed alright though and the books shelf looks good.

  5. Thats a really cool bookshelf. It looks really good.


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