Sunday, July 25, 2010

In My Mailbox - July 25th

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For Review:

The Julian Game by Adele Griffin (from Traveling ARC Tours)
Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (from Book it Forward ARC Tours)

Low Red Moon by Ivy Devlin
Fallout by Ellen Hopkins
Emma and the Vampires by Jane Austen and Wayne Josephson


Bamboo People
by Mitali Perkins (from GetGlue)
Illyria by Elizabeth Hand (from Once Upon a Readathon)

From the Library:

Sea by Heidi R. Kling
Kiss of Life by Daniel Waters

Black Butler Vol. 1 by Yana Toboso
Clover by Clamp
Murder Princess Vol. 1 by Sekihiko Inui

I resisted the urge to visit Borders, even if they were having a tent sale nearby with lots of discounted books. Go me! But.. we did visit Half Price Books - eep! Here's what I got:


Happenstance Found by P.W. Catanese
Night Gate by Isobelle Carmody
The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson

The Shadow Thief by Alexandra Adornetto
Academy 7 by Anne Osterlund


  1. I just read and reviewed Bamboo People yesterday; it is wonderful!

    And, Kiss of Life is on my TBR since I read Generation Dead in the fall and thought it was fun

  2. I just read and reviewed Bamboo People yesterday; it is wonderful!

    And, Kiss of Life is on my TBR since I read Generation Dead in the fall and thought it was fun

  3. Hard to resist the tent sales. LOL
    I got Emma and the Vampire as well, but The Shadow Thief looks amazing. The cover especially.

  4. Great books this week! I really want to read Fallout and Sea. Glad you got Illyria in :-) Hope you enjoy!

  5. I'm so jealous- I want BD!!!!! I liked Academy 7, hope you do too. You have some great reading in your future. Here’s what I got

  6. You got a great group of books. I am eager to read Beautiful Darkness. I enjoyed both Sea and Academy 7. My mailboxes are at Inside of a Dog and Ms. Martin Teaches Media. Happy reading!

  7. Oh man, I'm jealous. I want to read Beautiful Darkness. Looks like you got some great books. Happy reading!

  8. Oh wow I didn't realize they had done a "Emma and the Vampire" book! Emma is my fave Jane Austen novel and I so need to check this out!

  9. Wow, great books :) I enjoyed a lot Academy 7, so I hope you'll like it :) I'm really jealous of Beautiful Darkness ;) I can't wait to read it! I hope you'll enjoy all the books!!!

  10. Not a bad book week! I'm super jealous of Beautiful Darkness!

  11. amazing books, I really want to read SEA!

  12. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! The torture is too great! Am I seriously the only person left on this goodnessforsaken planet that doesn't have a copy of Beautiful Darkness?!!


    Well. That's for later, I guess.

    ACADEMY 7! God, I LOVE Anne Osterlund's work (I have an interview with her on my blog, actually XD) AURELIA was great, too. Have you read AURELIA yet?

    I remember that the JENNA FOX book really freaked me out but it was a great book. (I read it way back when I had my bowl chair.)

    Oh man! I really want to read SEA as well as the JULIAN GAME.

    Well. Do have fun with your totally envy-inducing books. XD Live long and great many great books.


  13. Ooh. Manga for me to check out. Enjoy your books. Just one for me this week called Gerry Tales.

  14. Yay for Low Red Moon arriving. I've recieved Iilyria recently as well. It got some great reviews online so thought it would be an interesting read.


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