Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Body at the Tower Online Launch Party

I really love Y.S. Lee's series so far - The Agency and she's having an online Twitter party to celebrate the second book in the series coming out!

It's today at:

4 pm BST (UK/Europe)
4 pm EST (US/Canada)

So, you can go to either! I love that there's two different parties slotted.

Here's what it's about (straight from Y.S. Lee herself):
Walker Books UK and Candlewick Press are co-hosting the parties, and we’re all providing prizes. I’ve got Agency t-shirts and stickers to give away, and my publishers are offering up books (of course!). I’d love to see you there (and of course, you can attend whichever party you like – the times are intended to be convenient).

Just look for hastag #bodytower and you're in! :)

I sadly can't make it because I will still be at work, but I hope some of you guys stop by.

Here are links to my reviews of her two books:
A Spy in the House
The Body at the Tower


  1. I can't make it either but I will try to read some of the tweets later. I haven't read A Spy in the House yet but it looks really good.

  2. YAY <3 twitter parties. I might be able to attend :D

  3. Aww, too bad I didn't see this earlier. lol, oh well, I still have to read A Spy in the House anyway.

  4. I stopped by, it was lots of fun :D


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