Friday, September 10, 2010

E-readers and Giveaways for them

So, I really want an e-reader and there's been a slew of contests going on for them. I nearly bought one last night at Best Buy, but restrained myself.

Bitten by Books is currently giving away Amazon's latest WiFi Kindle 3 - which I'm dying to win. They are a part of Blogfest - so head on over there -

If you've never been to Bitten by Books, they always have amazing contests going on. If you stop by there for their Kindle contest, make sure to check out their daily contests.

They also have a second Kindle contest going on to celebrate the release of Anya Bast's latest novel, Cruel Enchantment.

Some of the other contests going on there include:

A chance to win a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card and help support author Heather Kuehl and her latest book, Malevolent Dead.

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  1. not to be like "Come visit my blog right now" but there is one on mine for a Kobo if you want to enter. Love your pretty flower dividers too :)


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