Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Life Interferance

Hi guys!

I won't have much up in the way of reviews this week because my immune system isn't quite built up yet to work in a school. I've been sick since Sunday with a nasty head cold and instead of trying to get better, I've been going to work. So, when I get home my brain and body are all mushy. Yep. But onto better things...

Tonight is Smart Chicks! I'm so excited!

Also, my husband has been unemployed so he finally decided he needs to start some college classes to beef up his resume and eventually get a degree. So, I've been spending nights with him going over applications, FAFSA, and other stuff.

And wow I'm almost at 1300 followers! That is insane. No really, it is.

And I've been reading a bit more this week - short middle grade books I felt like I should've read ages ago - Bridge to Terabithia, Adventures of Captain Underpants, and more... :)

So, how's life going for you?


  1. Good luck with everything. I used to work in a financial aid department so I know what it is like to have to go through teh FAFSA and stuff.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. :)

  2. I hope you'll get well soon & congrats on your followers :)

  3. Definitely focus on your health and your family! And enjoy the fun adventures in MG fiction! Congrats on your followers.

  4. I hope you feel better ASAP! I think all of us have had some kind of similar post this past month. August/September seems totally crazy no matter who you are or what stage in life you're at. I love taking a break and reading some classic middle grade books - so fun - it reminds of falling in love with reading for the first time.

  5. Get better soon! :)

    Some MG books are really, really good; enjoy reading!

    Congrats on reaching that many followers, too.

  6. Hope you feel better soon!

    I went to Smart Chicks last week and I had a blast! Hope you enjoyed it too!

    School has been taking up my time, so has new video games :)

  7. oh man, hope ya feel better soon:)
    life's been hectic for me this year as well and I think I'm ready for 2011.

    btw, I tagged u!lol


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