Thursday, September 9, 2010


So, it's been a LONG week. I know.. seems like I've been around since there were reviews going up everyday.. but I haven't been. I just want to put my feet up on my coffee table and watch Glee.

I had a meeting after work on Tuesday, Open House until 8 pm on Wednesday and now I'm just exhausted and there's still Friday to get through work-wise.

To make it a great week (even with everything else), I received an email from CSN Stores about their Preferred Blogger program! Which just made my day. They have over 200+ online stores and I could just look around forever and still find even more stuff that I'd like to own!

So, what to get this time? hrmmmm


  1. Hey Kristen! I haven't talked to you in forever, so I wanted to drop in and say hi. Don't worry, I'm still breathing!

    P.S. Love Glee! Just started watching it recently!

  2. Great interview...I'm new to your site and hs, so glad I found it:)


  3. I feel the same way about this week! Our sons started back to school last week, and soccer started this week, and all four of us are exhausted from the early mornings and hectic evenings!

    I haven't tried Glee yet, but I've heard great things about it. Think I'll pop in the latest DVD of The Mentalist tonight - we've been watching it this summer.

    Enjoy some quiet time - the weekend is just around the corner!


  4. Don't CSN stores rock?! They have so much to choose from!


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