Thursday, December 30, 2010

Out with a Bang Readathon update!

So, I'm not doing too well. I have been distracted by the internet (twitter/blog/facebook), including a end - of - year survey, adding a few more challenges to next year and also facebook games (they are EVIL).

But I have finished a few books (mostly graphic novels):
Castle Waiting (Vol.2)
Beyond the Beyond (Vol. 1)

and have read a bit of:
Hexbound by Chloe Neill
Sakura Taisen vol 1.

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  1. This looks like productivity to me!! Keep it going!

  2. At least you got something done! All I've read today was the end of Into the Wild for english. I just have to get workers for my police station in cityville....

  3. Help me! I have been playing Zuma on Facebook and can't quit. Must get higher score! The only saving factor is that I read while I wait for new lives to regenerate. I did the "looking for challenges" thing too but, thus far, have only signed up for 5 for next year. Good luck reading!

  4. You are doing far better than me! I am still on book #1... for some reason I got in a total cleaning/organizing mood. Well at least I shall read in a spotless house now, lol.


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