Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bloggiesta Day 1 Update

Alright, yesterday I spent about 6 hours on my blog. We ended up going over to my sister's place around 8:30 pm to drink some Abuelita (spanish cocoa) and play our favorite board game - Carcassone. When we got home, we crashed (it was midnight after all...).

So, what did I get accomplished:

  • Finished reformatting/updating my series review page. It was only half way done (from a few weeks ago.. woops), so that took me a few hours.
  • Updated Review pages with all reviews posted this month.
  • Updated Author Interview page with what was posted this month.
  • Updated Blogger Spotlight page with what was posted this month.
  • I scheduled next week's Waiting on Wednesday post, which I made the button for below.
  • I scheduled next week's Link a Contest Thursday.
  • I also commented on about 10 or so of the blogs that are participating in Bloggiesta. :)

Up for today is mainly review stuff, add in a little bit of reading and then hopefully some commenting. We're spending some time with family, which means me dragging my laundry with to do at my parents while we're up there for part of the day.

Leave a link below to your latest update and I'll try and swing by today.

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  1. wow you've been busy ,all the best stu

  2. I used your linky! :) I need to figure out how to make one of those! :)

    Great list of accomplishments! I wish I had gotten that much done, but my house is full of chaos this weekend. :) Hopefully today will be better!

  3. Six hours is a good chunk and you accomplished a lot. Nice work on the button. I've got to try that challenge - or I'll put Jake on that. Great job and glad you had fun at your sisters!

  4. Thanks for trying out my challenge. I really will have to check out this gimp one later. Great work on the button.

  5. You've accomplished so much already. I got nothing done yesterday, but am doing some today. I'll post later with an update

  6. Good Lord! That is an amazing list of accomplishments. I feel....Like I should go write something.

  7. You've accomplished a lot! Kudos to you :)

  8. I'm late on Bloggiesta, but it's never to late to work on the blog, right? So I'm wondering: How do you get your "signature" on your posts?


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