Friday, January 21, 2011

Bloggiesta Ole! 4th Edition!

Alright guys, it's time again for the awesome Bloggiesta! This is my fourth time doing bloggiesta and I swear it's the reason I kept blogging and kept improving my blog over the past year and a half. I don't have a ton to do.. well not by my standards and I'm not going to be doing what I did last year (as in 48 hours of work.. which made me into a zombie and my feet swelled too...) but I do have a lot I want to get to.

So here's what I want to accomplish:

  • Catching up with reviews
  • Scheduling reviews so they're 100% ready to go.
  • Schedule WoW posts
  • Schedule Blogger Spotlights
  • Updating review lists
  • Updating Blogger Spotlight lists
  • Updating Author interview lists
  • Try to figure out how to get a drop down menu.
  • Complete all of the mini challenges
  • Get all of my latest reviews on Random Buzzers
  • Go through and organize my Google Reader (again)
  • Find a few new, awesome blogs to follow
There's probably a few more things, but I think that will keep me busy for the next few days. And maybe I will get ahead for once. (Maybe...) You can find me tweeting all day @bookgoil on Twitter, so come chat with me about what you guys are improving on your blog.

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  1. Seems like you've got a lot planned - hope you get it done! :-)

  2. I've joined the Bloggiesta fiesta, too. Your list looks challenging. Good Luck!

  3. Hey Kristen - you've got a great list! And I love that you say Bloggiesta has kept you going for the past year. Means a lot. Give me a shout out on Twitter if I can help you with anything!

  4. Fantastic goals! I am hoping to get caught up on my reviews too. Good luck!

  5. Nice goals! Let's hope we can both get everything we want to done.

  6. Good luck on everything! LOL. I was thinking one of my goals is to cut down on the number of blogs I follow.

  7. May you complete your goals! I want to get a drop down menu for my labels but am afraid to mess with my template.

  8. Really good list, I hope you can get it all done. I always schedule too much for myself to do during Bloggiesta. Good luck and have fun!

  9. Good luck completing your goals and have fun! That's a great list! :)

  10. Ahh, your list looks magnificent. I hope that if I keep doing blogiesta for four years, my list might looks like yours. I wrote mine this afternoon trying to keep it manageable and then immediately after finishing it I felt overwhelmed. But just because I set goals doesn't mean I need to finish them this weekend. It's nice to have them all written out so that even if I don't finish them during blogiesta, I can still work on them.

    Best of luck reaching your goals and don't work too hard. Have fun!

  11. Well, I'm definitely happy you kept blogging! I love your blog! You've got some great tasks ahead of you! Good luck!

  12. Good luck with your list...I've got a pretty long list on all three of my blogs!


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