Friday, February 4, 2011

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Wow, that first month of 2011 really flew by!

So, February is the month of love, and what better way to celebrate it, then with Celebrate Library Lovers' Month! :)

Now, due to weather I haven't set up my Valentine's display yet, but I will have to work on that next week (as tomorrow we will have 3 days worth of kids in one day.. somehow...miraculously..).

But I figured I'd share with you some of our cute valentine's day themed books. :)

Heart to Heart with Mallory by Laurie Friedman
Summary from Goodreads:
Valentine's Day is approaching and everyone seems to be crazed with love--except for Mallory. She's been invited to a Valentine's party next door and rumor has it that her next-door neighbor's dad is going to propose to her best friend's mom. What will it mean if her two best friends become brother and sister? Where will she fit in? And to make matters even more confusing, Mallory is receiving presents from a secret admirer. Who could it be? Mallory feels like everything is changing and she has lots of questions about life, love, and friendship. Since her two best friends are preoccupied, Mallory turns to her diary to find the answers.

The Story of Valentine's Day by Clyde Bulla
Summary from Goodreads:
Valentine's Day wasn't always a time for pink cupcakes and mushy greeting cards. Most scholars say this love-focused day leapt gleefully from the Roman holiday Lupercalia, a festival celebrated more than 2,000 years ago to mark the beginning of spring. After Christianity came to Rome, the Church decided to use this day to honor a priest instead. They renamed the holiday St. Valentine's Day, and scooted the date back to February 14. The Story of Valentine's Day, artfully illustrated by Susan Estelle Kwas, paints the history of this age-old occasion in a style and presentation that's as straight as a Cupid's arrow. Kids will learn about the mysterious character Valentine, how the tradition of the day spread to other countries, and when the very first valentine was written. If inspired, they can make their own old-fashioned valentines and sugar cookies with the instructions in the back!

Valentine's Day Disaster
(Geronimo Stilton)
Summary from Goodreads:
It was Valentine's Day in New Mouse City, and I couldn't wait to celebrate! I had sent valentine cards to all my friends and family members. But when I opened my mailbox on the morning of February 14th, it was empty! Had everyone forgotten about me? Was I destined to spend Valentine's Day alone in my mousehole, sobbing, with only my pet fish to console me? It was starting to look like a true Valentine's Day disaster!

Babymouse: Heartbreaker by Jennifer L. and Matthew Holmes
Summary from Goodreads:
AHHH, VALENTINE'S DAY! Babymouse loves Valentines Day! A day for pink hearts! Flowers! Candy! School dances and romance . . . sweet romance! WAIT! Romance? Ew! And what's this about a school dance? Does that mean Babymouse needs a date? Uh-oh! Looks like this Valentine's Day may turn into a Valentine's dud! Will Babymouse go to the school dance? Will she get any Valentines? Will she find true love? Find out in . . . Babymouse: Heartbreaker!

Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine by Barbara Park
Summary from Goodreads:
It's a mushy gushy mystery!

Hurray! February 14—Valentime's Day, as June B. calls it—is just around the corner. Junie B. can't wait to see all the valentimes she'll get. But she never expected a big, mushy card from a secret admirer! Who is this secret mystery guy, anyway? Junie B. is determined to find out!

Love, Ruby Valentine by Laurie Friedman
Summary from Goodreads:
Deep in the heart of Heartland lives Ruby Valentine and her trusty parrot Lovebird. Ruby's favourite day of the year is Valentine's Day - she loves to say "I love you" and make cards and treats to deliver to everyone in her town. But Ruby is so exhausted that she sleeps right through the holiday. Although Ruby's worried that she'll have to wait a whole year to tell everyone that she loves them, Lovebird convinces her to deliver her treats and messages of love even though it's a day late. To Ruby's surprise, no one minds. In fact, they're thankful for her sweet wishes and kind heart, leaving Ruby with the realization that every day is the best day to say "I love you"!

Roses are Pink, Your Feet Really Stink by Diane De Groat
Summary from Goodreads:
Gilbert has 15 blank Valentine cards just waiting for him to fill with nice Valentine poems for his classmates. But how can he write a nice poem for the boy who tweaked his nose or the girl who made fun of his glasses? Laugh as Gilbert's poison pen causes a classroom controversy, and listen as he learns a thing or two about forgiveness.

What are some of your favorite Valentine's Day books? Or your kids/students?

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  1. Love Somebody Loves You Mr. Hatch....nicely written.

  2. I managed to get a few hearts hung before getting iced in. I also discovered decorating with books! I created a shelftop display with all my books with red covers! I did borrow this idea online somewhere, it's not mine originally! I like the display because it looks so right for February and it's drawing students' attention to books I haven't displayed in quite some time.


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