Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review: The Secret Year

Title: The Secret Year
Author: Jennifer R. Hubbard
Publisher: Speak
Pages: 192
Book Source: personally owned

Description: Take Romeo and Juliet. Add The Outsiders. Mix thoroughly.
Colt and Julia were secretly together for an entire year, and no one—not even Julia’s boyfriend— knew. They had nothing in common, with Julia in her country club world on Black Mountain and Colt from down on the flats, but it never mattered. Until Julia dies in a car accident, and Colt learns the price of secrecy. He can’t mourn Julia openly, and he’s tormented that he might have played a part in her death. When Julia’s journal ends up in his hands, Colt relives their year together at the same time that he’s desperately trying to forget her. But how do you get over someone who was never yours in the first place?

My Thoughts: I wanted to like this more than I did. I didn't really get the mix of Romeo and Juliet and The Outsiders, other than Julia and Colt being from different parts of town and having a "relationship".

It was kind of a quick read and I don't really felt like I got closure in the end. I mean Colt reads through her journal but I don't feel like her actually got over her.

Also there was a surprise with Colt's brother. I didn't have a problem with the surprise but it was just that a surprise. I didn't see what it had to do with anything.

The story felt like Colt reliving the times he and Julia had sex and not much else. After a while he tried to have a relationship with someone else but it was really just another sex relationship.

Like I said I wish I liked this more but I didn't eel like I could connect with anyone.

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  1. I felt the same way about this book. I wanted to like this so much more. I couldn't feel the emotion between Colt and Julia. I found it lacking...heart? I'm not exactly sure but it was missing something big for me. Anyhoo, great review!

  2. I haven't read it but I appreciate your candor. Makes me trust you more as a reviewer. Not that I didn't trust you before. I did. I do. No, really.


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