Friday, April 8, 2011

Character Tweets: Tina from Leverage by Joshua C. Cohen

In my debut novel, Leverage, Tina is the tough Goth-girl that single-handedly runs the stadium sound system and jumbotron messages at all the of Knights football home games--not because she likes football but because she wants to acquire the technical skills needed to become a sound and video producer. Unfortunately for Tina, she has to share the production booth with a very old crank named Walt who does the play-by-play game commentary. The following is a transcript of tweets from Tina during one of the Knights' recent home games.

TinaRocks!--Old Man Walt (OMW) just took out his flask filled with "tea" and the football game hasn't even started yet. Gonna B a fun night!

TinaRocks!--OMW says the football players in his day were a lot tougher. Sure they were, grandpa!

TinaRocks!--I can smell the "tea" on OMW's breath. I'm pretty sure it's not Lipton and I'm pretty sure you can't buy it at the grocery store.

TinaRocks!--Just explained to OMW the concept of twitter and tweets. He told me to "stop chirping on my fancy-schmancy gadget."

TinaRocks!--2nd quarter begins and OMW is nipping fast and furious on his flask.

TinaRocks!--OMW just called the visiting Mustangs a "bunch of sissy-bitches." His microphone was on and the whole stadium just heard it. I don't think he cares.

TinaRocks!--OMW just asked why a "devil girl" is running the sound/light board. He says I should be waving pom-poms on the sidelines.

TinaRocks!--Just put the following message up on the jumbotron screen. I'M WALT & I'M DRUNK!!! ENJOY THE GAME! Fans cheered. OMW didn't even notice!

TinaRocks!--Halftime is over. Can't wake OMW up. I would be worried except he's snoring like a bear.

TinaRocks!--OMW woke up midway through the third quarter. Said he needs to "take a mean ass piss right now!" Wayyyy too much info, Walt!

TinaRocks!--The Knights football team is up 24 to 10 not that OMW is around to comment and tell the fans.

TinaRocks!--OMW made it back to the booth with five minutes left in the game. He's got ketchup on his chin, half a hotdog in his mouth and his fly is down. Help!

TinaRocks!--OMW decided to take another nap on the floor.

TinaRocks!--Knights win game 27-13. OMW still asleep.

TinaRocks!--2nd to last jumbotron message of the night: CONGRATULATIONS KNIGHTS!

TinaRocks!--Last jumbotron message of the night: I'M WALT AND I'M HOMELESS. AGAIN!

TinaRocks!--Didn't want to wake OMW. Still snoring peacefully when I locked up the production booth. Same time next week, Walt?

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  1. Oh, poor OMW. :\ Poor Tina for having to be around that guy while he's such a mess, but I feel worse for Walt.


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